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  1. I always use mer its the best:cool:
  2. Hi All, The other day when I started my car I move forward but the wheels were turned towards the kirb ,I hit the kirb and the engine stopped, when I tried to restart the car it would`nt start ,the engine was trying to turn over but sadly it just woud`nt start :( So I got my usual guy out from home tune to have a look . after about an hour of trying to find the fault, he was just about to give up when he said there does`nt seem to be any petrol getting to the carb . He then lifted the rear seat forward to get at the petrol pump and check the connections all seemed ok . He said that sometimes the pump sticks and he then hit it with his screwdriver and it worked the engine started no trouble. I am just wondering will this happen again or is there some tip that someone knows to fix this or will I have to buy a new petrol pump for my peace of mind I have been told they are expensive. So any advice you can give be would be greatful :P