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  1. Happy Birthday manphibian!

  2. Best advice ever right here: Lose weight. Take out the back seats, sound deadening, plastic internals, spare wheel, etc, etc. This is THE best thing you could do to make your car faster whilst spending NOTHING!
  3. If you can't insure a GT, i don't think you can insure an ST with performance mods tbh. They all have to be declared or you're driving without insurance, which is a bad idea....
  4. They are late JDM spec Projector lights and clear high beams: http://www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk/componen...mart/Itemid,26/ (I do have HID bulbs in there too :) )
  5. I know the ones you are on about. Dealer fit option here only on UK cars i believe. Unlikely to be available from Toyota still but you never know, i have an old brochure at home that 'may' have a part number on it These are the ones i mean, hard to find :(
  6. Yep, a 205 will most likely be my next car :) You're a bit of a tit really aren't you?! I'd have trouble with skirts getting onto my drive as it quite low. I saw some Euro dealer option skirts that were a lot thinner but i can't find them anywhere :( The first is taken with my camera, the 2nd is taken with my phone. The first one is how it looks in the flesh, here's another: (i hate that phone camera!)
  7. lol, thanks Flynn, very kind of you. Yep n00b. A gen 7 is not an upgrade. In terms of build quality, aesthetics, or anything else. Mine is chipped and tuned and is quicker than a 190, (which is really a 140 up until 6300RPM) so why would i want to change for a woman's car exactly?
  8. Only place is from this guy: http://www.celica-club.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=55810 protocast.co.uk
  9. Nope, just to clarify.... 3S-FE not 3S-GE.
  10. Yeah, i imported it from US before christmas. Sold it about a week later. Funily enough, there was no lag for me on the US servers I'm just not a fan of the whole running jumping about shooter thing. Gran Turismo prologue out this month, you getting it? I got the Jap version last year, it's good, i'll be getting the UK one too as it has more cars and i'll be able to understand the menu's Another beauty Everybody's Golf out soon too. Great fun, there's a demo on the store i think.
  11. :) I was on here before TOC!, but moved over to the better forum ;)
  12. These look great, Mangels Winner: http://www.ebc-brake-pads.co.uk/framefix.a...uctCode=AW0741W Or Fox R5's:
  13. lol how many great xbox exclusives are there????? Let me see..... Unreal Tournament 3 is out in USA now Ratchet and Clank gets great reviews, Motorstorm is a great racer, amazing graphics. heavenly sword is meant to be good if you like that sort of thing? Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a good old school adventure sword figtin ninja game :D Metal gear solid is out soon Killzone 3 looks AMAZING HAZE looks good, but i think it may be delayed now, same with Little Big Planet I'm sure there are more... Check out the demos on the PS Store, sign up a USA account also to get their demos
  14. lol, well well well. Welcome aboard. Ok, the home thing is called HOME, it's out next year and look awesome, loads of vids on Youtube. For chat, you'll probably find that side of it not quite as good as 360, as in a lot of people still don't... You can use any Bluetooth hands free. Games: Definitely get - Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, PS3 exclusive, awesome story, great game. Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is out in Japan, you can get it from Ebay on disc, or download direct from Japan Store (let me know if you wanna do that) - Pretty good, but still only a demo really. Warhawk is Brilliant - £19.99 to download from PS Store. let me know if there's anything else, mind has gone blank
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