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  1. What kinda request is that? More details please...
  2. Billy C


    How hard can it be to do an online insurance quote? How can we answer a vague question like that? What mr2 is it? where do you live ? How many points do you have? Whats the weather like tomorrow??? Try an online quote first takes just a tiny bit more effort than posting a topic! Sorry, just hate these insurance post where ppl havent even tried helping themselves :!Removed!:
  3. Rightyho, give me a price on a the Toms Spoiler if I have a Rev 3 Boot + Spoiler to p/ex. Cheers Will
  4. So would you sell it on its own then (Toms Spoiler) no swap? I can try and source a rev 3 spoiler if you want. Cheers
  5. Bibbs, I'm interested in the Toms rear Spoiler. Pm me a price. If poss a price for it on its own and with a swap for a my rev 2 (even though you had the holes filled). Cheers Will
  6. My Alarm fitter said that if you're near a mobile phone mast or something the that interfares with the alarm signal. Also find out where the alarm sensor thingy is that you disarm it with. My fitter said hold it close to the dash board near the steering wheel (from the outside of course) Other than that.. Dunno
  7. Didnt white also have silver strips as well???
  8. I think the percentage for its own forum would be similar if you posted the same poll in each forum. I think each has its own merits and ppl are happier in a forum where they are familiar with other members, banter etc. I voted for Orange County!
  9. Didn't know there were 2 oil lights, Hope its all okay. Must've put the frighteners on you
  10. I think the Oil Light generally refers to Oil Pressure. Otherwise there would never be a need to check the oil with the dipstick if the light is there for that. Just because theres enough oil doesnt mean there good pressure.
  11. I've had this on an RS Turbo a few yrs back. Mate had the same thing on his Uno Turbo. Exactly the same thing as your describing. Bad news is that both time it was the Oil pressure was too low and in turn both our car's big ends went (some sort of bearings, but nevertheless major engine failure) Oil is thicker when cold so little pressure forces the oil round ( I think) once warmed up it gets too thin and more pressure is req'd to send it round. Its also why it flickers on when you on idle and it goes out when you rev it. Low oil pressure = BAD news. Get it checked asap. If it is the oil pressure I think it may be too late but I'm not sure. Hopefully its just a bad connection causing the oil light.
  12. Billy C

    Gear Change

    When to change gear?? What for? Racing? cruising? general day to day driving? Would help stating for what purpose the question is aimed at achieving.
  13. Firstly IS it a turbo? Just make sure it has 2 seats not 4 :D
  14. Goku, insurance for Turbos were cheaper than G/Ltd when i got quotes from Elephant, hence i got a turbo. 17" s deffo looks best, altho i used to have 16"s which are certainly better than 15"s. I for one prefer looks!
  15. Have em in at all times, can't stand the street light at night times or the Sun beaming in hotting the cabin up!!
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