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  1. Ben, you gonna pm me your address so i can send your afm back :P
  2. worth checking the plugs and seeing if they are filthy still sounds like its overfueling so wil foul the plugs up, tak ethem out ,, clean them then try and start the car as soon as car starts pull the fuel pump fuse, as it splutters put fuse back in. see if that works
  3. pull the plugs and check the conditoin of them if filthy clean them if not filthy clean them! then need to check on afm, the fmic will more than likely have nothing doto do with running problems, if so it would start and die due to massive boost leak
  4. Hey Les, still a load of the old school lot about i see. Oh bad news Les i have drunk all my wine now, no more corked bottles though :)
  5. Hello! Can i come in my <cough> GTO <cough>
  6. Hello, Thought i would pop by and say hi, not come back to toyotas yet, although lookign at getting a 202 as a everyday car Hello!
  7. but charlie it dosnt have a mr2 chassis only has the drive train so age of 2s not important, and how can you say you prefer anothe rkit when boyd likes this one
  8. correct me if im wong , but im just running the idea up the flag pole and see how it flys, but, it may sound crazy, but isnt a boxster a roadster and the 911 a GT car
  9. the supra from fnf was used in fnf2
  10. i have no problem in my car up against boggo 911 but the boxster s has something else to it makes it a bit trickier but still possible :)
  11. ecoteks are poo on cars withe decent ecus, actually they are just poo
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