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  1. I just want to offer a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who posted on this thread. We have a 1995 Camry that has been stalling at stop lights and stop signs for almost a year. Six mechanics and one dealer later (fortunately only the dealer charged us....and I fought them so it was very moderate). I finally told them what the problem was after reading this thread last night. The dealership was very dismissive and condescending when I asked them to check the coolant temp censor: "Is there any real reason why you want us to look at the coolant temp censor???" WELL, YEAH.... Anyway, this was indeed the problem! The dealership, our local mechanic and good friend who has been trying to fix the car for months, and my husband were all amazed that I found the solution on the web. You are the best!!! Thanks for being a google search away. Best, Michigan Mama