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  1. XT2

    Land Cruiser

    p.s. How *bumpy* is the ride? (I only noticed the Rav 4's bumpty bump after I'd bought it, but it has never bothered me)
  2. Hi all. Can someone tell me which is the best (or top-of-the-range) Land Cruiser, as I am now seriously looking into buying one? (Colorado, LC, VX, etc. etc.) p.s. would it be wiser to purchaser an imported one or a local one? Thanks in advance.
  3. XT2

    Land Cruiser

    just for the fun of it... i'm into something bigger than the rav, so, thought i'd give the LR a try.
  4. I'm thinking of going for a Land Cruiser. The trouble is, which one? Shall I go for the Amazon (and why), or the Colorado (and why)? What's the 'real' difference between the two? Thanks a lot in advance. (Tell you what, let's have a poll)
  5. XT2

    Last Of The Rava's

    Cool... not bad. To be quite honest, the Rav was burning a hole in my pocket. I'm off for a D$D next... Corolla most likely.
  6. Well... after a long hard thought, I decided to say see ya later alligator to my beloved Rav4. I sold it. I fell for something different. Let's start a thread: What would you swap your Toyota for?
  7. My 'For Sale' (or should that be 'Forced Sale'?), is 51 reg Rav 4 GX. I lurrrv it to bits, but it's gotta go. I'm gonna miss the hell out of it!
  8. Cool! Unfortunately I'm planning to sell mine... not that I want to, but it's gotta go
  9. XT2

    At Last 38p A Litre

    What's pick-up, boost, response, power at all levels (1000rpm, 2000rpm, etc.) compared when you changed it over from ... erm... petrol . Cheers
  10. XT2

    At Last 38p A Litre

    Yo mate! What's BHP with yer gas compared to petrol and diesels?
  11. Manc. Utd... also owned by Jews. Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, etc.... what the hell... the whole of Europe, the UN, the US, World Bank, the IMF, etc. etc. etc.... The world's financial resources and international politics... forget it! We should stick to the topic and stay away from today's dirty politics... I apologise to anyone who may have been offended by my statements. I'll try not to stray from the relevant topic again. BTW, Ar*enal did play fairly well, considering the fact that they were a man down, they defended brilliantly, but it was only a matter of time when Barca would wrap things up.
  12. Can you just explain that to me a little bit, I'm having trouble understanding the concept Apartheid? Racism? 6th largest nuclear power in the world and no-one gives a damn about it (or are they keeping it a secret?)? Oppression? And yes... 'Let's kick racism out of football' but let's sponsor Israel and support its policies. What a load of :censor: It's just sick... anyone with a sound mind would never tolerate such hypocrisy.
  13. Welll... I used to be an ar*enal supporter. But then things changed... and I was shocked... almost disbelief... when this happened: http://www.inminds.co.uk/boycott-ubiknal.html http://www.brandrepublic.com/bulletins/dig...rism-authority/ http://www.weeklystandard.com/Content/Publ...11/941nivel.asp http://www.socialistunitynetwork.co.uk/news/ubiknal01.htm http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/4753546.stm If the web address (url) comes up as 'ubiknal'... then change first four letters to complete the spelling for the team that lost to Barcelona yesterday! (Why does it do that? You type in the name of a football team and it changes cos the mods think its rude! :!Removed!: )
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