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  1. I had an email for a roadside rescue company which included "If you're not driving during the coronavirus crisis don't forget to start your car and leave it running for 20 minutes every week." I had not driven for 6 weeks and was pleased when my car started first time - and I left it running for 20 minutes. Is anyone else doing this? (strange I have stopped receiving emails re this forum and I haven't changed the settings (unless in error) and I have checked my junk mail)
  2. I was hoping you would have had a reply by now. The only thing which I can offer is, whenever my 2006 Aygo failed to start, I'd turn the ignition key until the dashboard lights came on and wait a few seconds (maybe 5) before starting the engine. Best of luck to you
  3. I don't think I've reversed into anything but, if that's all it is, great. I have had a look and couldn't spot anything which had come undone - I'm far from an expert but will have another look tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Even I can see that doesn't look right
  5. When turning left I noticed a noise from the rear left - like a 'rubbing' noise. I am guessing they won't do much at my local Toyota Dealer on a Sunday but I might drop in
  6. one thing which used to work for me whenever there was a starting problem with my 2006 Aygo was to turn the ignition key until the dashboard lights were illuminated then wait a few seconds before turning to start the engiine
  7. The first item in the user guide stresses the importance of the main owner's manual (new Aygo picked up on Monday). I went to Toyota's website and, as far as I can tell, entered the VIN as indicated and clicked search but nothing happened. Does anyone know from where downloadable manuals are available? Thanks
  8. Mine is a 2006 and it usually starts fine but sometimes it can be a bit awkward and I found that the solution is to turn the key to position one and wait a few seconds before turning to start
  9. you could try an FM modulator - you could plug your stick into one
  10. best of luck with that - please let us know how you get on
  11. Welcome (I have a silver 2006). I am with quote me happy currently but: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/motor-insurance/
  12. tbh i have submitted an online scrappage inquiry to Toyota twice in the past few weeks and have not received a reply. I wonder if the deadline for any of these scrappage deals will be extended
  13. 5 years sounds good - I guess Clare is pleased about that