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  1. We have had our Aygo Blue since August, and had heard of soggy problems, but no worries, dry as a bone. Great little car - enjoy!!
  2. I am on my third Avenis est. (1) old shape 1.8 petrol, (2) last generation 1.8 petrol and (3) new nose job last generation (’58 plate) 2.0 D4D TR. I wanted the 2.2 but when I realised the extras over the 2.0 were very few, but the economy was a lot better (as well as buying price) I went for the 2.0. the 2.2 may be a bit quicker, but there is a lot on this forum about certain reliability issues, and you buy a Toyota for reliability. All mine (this one included) have been bullet proof. If you get a late 2.0 TR you get cruise control, colour voice sat nav with traffic avoidance, climate etc etc. The only thing I would point a finger at is the stereo speakers on some bass music can buzz a bit – but adjust the bass/treble and it pretty much goes. The 2.0 wins easily over the 2.2 for me. Oh yes, and it still goes like stink – take a test drive and see!
  3. My 03 Avensis est was supping lots of oil. I spoke to my dealer (Beadles) and they filled it up with oil and noted the miles. I took it back after a set number of miles and they topped it up and established how much oil it had used. To my surprise they agreed it was drinking too much and fitted a new short engine free and gave me a loan Prius while they did it. I was pretty pleased…! Sounds like you have had some rotten luck….
  4. Aki

    Traction Control

    Thanks all!! Must say mine isn't noisy (unless I'm going deaf!) but as you say it works well as does the ABS. Very sure footed through this recent arctic spell. The YouTube video is brill - says it all!! Ta!!
  5. Seems weird to hear of such a problomatic Toyota. I have the 2.0 D4D and (touch wood) so far it's as good as gold as were the two petrol Avensis I had before. I guess you have a bit of a lemon and if I were you I would ditch it ASAP. Why not have a 2.0 D4D, I reckon it realy is just about as well appointed as the 2.2 but seems without the problems!
  6. What exactly does TC do? My Avensis has it and also VSC - what is the difference? Does TC just stop the front wheels spinning if I race away at the lights? Does it control/deal with skids? (I thought that was the job of VSC). The handbook suggests turning TC off in the snow (as recently!) but why if it aids traction?? Help!!
  7. Thanks guys - enjoyed the web links - and wow, you can have a factory tour!!
  8. I’ve ordered a new Aygo Blue and specified VSC (stability control) on it. Because of this the dealer told me the car would need to be built from scratch in Czech Republic – which makes sense I suppose as the wiring and sensors etc have to be fitted from the start. They tell me about 11-14 weeks. This leads me to two questions. 1) would my car need to be built from absolute scratch, or do they have a stock of floor pans with wheels screwed onto them that can become any kind of Aygo? :D 2) How much of that 11-14 weeks is actually building the car, and how much is processing the order and delivering it? Having ordered a new car for the first time (scrappage!!), its made me fascinated about how a car is built! Any one got any info’ or know of any cool web sites that explain the process? Cheers folks!!
  9. I have a '58 TR Avensis estate 2.0 D4D - great and happy with it, including the extra BlueTooth and DAB radio the previous owner (Toyota for 6 months!) had fitted, but I wish they had put rear parking sensors on it. Don't get me wrong, I can drive OK but my other Avensis estate did pick up a couple of dings from reversing, so I'm thinking of having the local dealer fit them to this car. I think they are a bit over 300 quid to supply and fit. Do they give a complete field of protection behind you from left to right and down to the ground? Reversed into a space in the main shopping centre car park in Southampton and thankfully missed the 10" concrete barrier on the ground. Would it have picked this up? Would they pick up single posts or pillars behind you? Anyone got any experience with them?? Cheers. :)
  10. Norfolk n Chance: why do we think this is a 107? Look like an Aygo to me. The rear light cluster and the "1/2 cone shape" leading from the lights on the rear quarter are 100% Aygo are they not??
  11. Ewen & DarthSabre – I think it’s a bit longer because we have specified the VSC as an extra and that requires disk brakes fitted to the back so it is ‘built from scratch’ in Czech. If it does take 11-14 weeks I’ll be on holiday in Prague so may try to pop in the factory and drive it home!! Kidding aside, if I’m collecting near mid / end of August I think I’ll wait a bit longer and get it on a “59” plate!! Some other points: Diesel33; Keep the tax disk and claim what is outstanding. The old cars going for scrap after all! AygoYugo; I was told that as long as the donor car had MOT for two weeks after you PLACE THE ORDER it qualifies. Sorry to harp on, but if irishaygo is still reading, if your car leaks that badly it contravenes the sales of goods act. Take the dealer to court if they don’t fix it / replace it in a reasonable time scale.
  12. Our old 'M' reg Micra was due to be swapped for a newer second hand car, so this sceme caught my eye! We have opted for an Aygo Blue 5 door. List price 8835, less 2000 = 6835. I then managed to get my main dealer to knock off a further 450 pounds and throw in free set of Aygo mats. So, final price to pay 6385 which I think is OK! Delivery time is quoted as 12-14 weeks as it is being made from scratch as we have asked for VSC to be fitted (extra 340 quid)
  13. I may be able to help here. I have just got a '58 reg 2.0 D4D with the cover thing in the dash. This covers up a little cubby hole for sunglasses and the like. It's just storage. The sunken area you see on earlier modles has an LCD display in it that shows all the trip computer readouts such as MPG, average speed, range etc. With later cars that have the cubby hole, this display is in the instrument display on the right under the tacho dial so you still get the info. I'm not sure when the design changed, about '07 reg I think. Also, if you have the right spec (TR upwards?) you get the colour screen in the centre console that does radio and sat-nav.
  14. Aki

    Dab Radio

    I’m very pleased to find my ’58 reg Avensis D4D TR has DAB digital radio incorporated, but the instructions are baffling. Has anyone any idea how to do a few simple things like tuning in and storing different stations? Thanks!
  15. I have had the 1.8 petrol estate in original form and Mk 2 form for about 5 years now and have just (in last 3 days) traded in for a 2.0 D4D estate on a 58 plate. So far I have done about 600 miles (not my normal mileage!) and it is A1. Using the cruise control to help (which comes on all diesels I think) if you are happy to do 65-70 on the motorway you'll get over 60mpg - I did! I'm also happy with the mid range acceleration. Easy to keep up with others in the outside lane. The cruise control is well worth it - I did 3 hours motorway driving without a stop and felt as fresh as a daisy. Mine is the TR which has loads of toys and feautures. The T180 looks the job but you loose the top MPG and pay in insurance etc for a little bit of leather and privacy glass.... The 2.2 is probably great, but I feel the 2.0 is a great all rounder. One happy customer here (so far!) :D
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