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  1. I have read elsewhere that people weren't happy with the original fit geolanders. Not sure its a 4wd to 2wd difference as I bought an auris in 2011 and had that for 2 years but the tug of the rav4 won!!
  2. hi I currently have geolanders on and im not overly impressed!! anyone used continental?
  3. Hi everyone I have a 2010 2 wheel drive rav4. I have owned it for 6 months and im finding the tyres to have rather poor grip in dry and wet! Previously had a 3 dr 4 wheel drive rav4 and had the uhp grabbers (I think they were called) but I wasn't overly impressed with them to be honest. Can anyone recommend a really good tyre that grips in all conditions please? Thanks
  4. Hi Spog1 Great thanks for clearing that up. I am test driving the car tomorrow, I think the price is a bit on the steep side though but we shall see.
  5. Hi Im thinking about changing my current rav4 for either an auris or verso. Im leaning towards a Verso due to the larger room. Originally I wanted the 1.6 petrol however Im struggling to find a demonstrater thats fairly local so have had a look at some diesel models. This is the car Im interested in http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201115384360380/sort/priceasc/usedcars/model/verso/make/toyota/page/1/postcode/b645al/quicksearch/true/radius/20?logcode=p Now the confusion is its listed as a TR but has manual air con and no panoramic sunroof? The 2010 brouchure we have says the tr has these as standard so Is this indeed a T2 or has there been a model change since this car and the spec has changed? If anyone can help that would be great.
  6. Thank you all for the replies. I rang local toyota today and they wanted £45 unfitted with 3 years warranty. Fitting of the battery was about £30-£35 on top of the battery price so i will do it myself!!
  7. Hi I have a 2004 xt3 3dr rav4 and im looking for a new battery after car being off the road for 3 months due to broken ankle. Had trouble before with it keep going flat so thought now was a good time to have a new one with baby on the way!! Can someone recommend a decent battery and where you had it from please. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone Firstly id like to thank the people who gave me helpful replies. Anyway thought id update the progress of the bubbly alloys. Took car for service saturday and the service guy said they would check wheels for same problem as they were replaced for initially, then contact customer services if the wheels were requiring action. He said wheels needed sorting but as customer services were shut sat he would call them monday. He rang me to say the new policy is for them to take photos of the damage and send them to cust services, who will then decide further action. So fingers crossed!! (so hoovie watch this space as i may be backing next yrs national horse at 100/1!! anyway it won this year)!!
  9. Hi everyone Firstly just wondered what kind of prices any of you have paid for the fifth year service? I been given a price of £203 inc coolant change which apparently may need doing. My rav has only done 25000 miles. Secondly i would like some advice: Bought my rav in march 2006, its a 2004 reg. After having it a month i noticed bubbling on the alloys, local toyota were great, got new set of alloys as still within 3 year warranty. However, yesterday i noticed my alloys are bubbling again!! They are now 3 years old and were only covered for a year when replaced. I rung toyota and she has marked it on file and when it goes for service next weekend they are going to speak to customer services and see what they can do. How likely is it that i will get something sorted free? I know that sounds cheeky but at the end of the day i expect alloys to last a lot longer than 3 years!! thanks
  10. Hi I bought my rav 4 from hereford brooklyn toyota and they were great with customer service etc. However thats too far for me to travel for services etc so i use westlands toyota brettle lane, amblecote, stourbridge, which is a dy5 postcode. I must say that im very impressed with them so far. Had my wheels changed under warranty as the paint had started to bubble, they got me booked in quickly etc. The new wheels came and one was damaged but they travelled specially or got a special courier to get another new alloy on the same day so i would not be inconvenienced for more than a day!!
  11. Thanks for the reply. My car has done approx 18000 miles so i dont think thats a bad price. Anyone else know about the parcel shelf?????
  12. Hi Just wondered if anyone knows for definate if the parcel shelf from a 5 door 2004 rav 4 would fit a 3 door 2004 model? Also just wanted thoughts of the price ive been quoted for the third service. All inclusive £130.77. Im quite impressed with the price actually but this is the first service ive had to have done as ive only had the car a year. But considering that i paid near enough £300 for the second service of my 1.4 2004 polo at the worst vw garage around its no surprise im pleased!!
  13. Hi There I hope someone may be able to help me. Last week my engine warning light came on, took it to my local stealer and typically by the time I got there the light had gone out, they ran a diagnostic check. They have said that the code that come up was for oxygen levels and they hace checked this out but saw nothing wrong with the car. The car is still under warrenty until July and I really want anything sorted before I have top spend any money on the car. Do you think that its possible the sensors need replacing the light has come on once before and I got the same answer from the stealer. Also it appears I am getting alot of exhaust fumes/steam at the moment when the car is running but stationary. Any advice is greatly appreaciated.
  14. Hi there!! Ive got a 2004 rav 4 3dr xt3 and i got a cargo net from ebay from usa for approx £25-£30 inc airmail delivery to the uk and its a proper toyota net and fits superb!! I had a price from toyota dealer for the same thing and they wanted something like £60 plus for one!! If you want to pm me i will try to find the seller id for ebay for you if you want?
  15. Thats great thanks for the info. I feel more positive now that they will sort it all out for me!! Ive had that much bad experience with vw dealers that they have put me off dealers so im hoping Toyota will be a lot better. Thanks.
  16. Its done 13000 and was originally a toyota test car then sold to one owner before me. Its actually bubbly on all four alloys but seems worse on the front than the back. I will give them a call and ask.
  17. Hi everyone im new and just recently bought my first long awaited rav4! Ive got a 3dr xt3 rav4 2004 reg in dark grey and i love it!! Advice is welcome on what you think i should do regarding the bubbly paint on my alloys. The alloys are not damaged or rusting however i did notice yesterday when washing the car that each alloy has a number of bubbly areas. Its nothing that ive used thats made this happen-ive only had it 3 weeks. Will toyota repair/replace the alloys? Thanks in advance Shazzy. :D
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