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  1. hi, Try here Don't know if this is your model but they cater for all including grey imports. cheers
  2. Hi, when I was sold my Gen5 I was told that it didn't drive as it had something wrong with the clutch. I put a new clutch in, still no drive. On further investigation I found that the drivers side driveshaft was a two peice affair with an inboard universial joint. The joint looked intact but the ball bearings had come out of their cage and were in the rubber boot. Replaced the shaft and I had drive. Could your problem be the inboard joint on that shaft. cheers
  3. TCGT

    Fault Lights

    hi, Everybody has been very helpful and I'm much obliged for everybodys suggestions. I'm off to have the battery checked and the alternator. I'm just not sure how to cancel any fault codes if I need to. cheers
  4. TCGT

    Fault Lights

    Hi, I dont have ABS, don't know if I should, but I don't as I have just fitted front calipers and a master cyl all of which are different for ABS. The plot thickens, I've tested the low fluid switch and that works okay and has no effect on the lights. cheers
  5. TCGT

    Fault Lights

    Hi, I've had a look in there and can't find it. I think it is brake related as the symbol is similar. Lights with ignition on first thing. Parking brake at bottom. cheers
  6. TCGT

    Fault Lights

    Hi, Is your parking brake light in that position, next to 1 on the counter. My parking light is next to the battery light. It lights with a "P" when the brake is on . I'll take a pic. My car is a JDM if that makes a difference. cheers john
  7. TCGT

    Fault Lights

    Hi, here's a pic car ticking over after a run. cheers
  8. hi, Great idea, sign up everybody. Miss off the WWW or the link won't work. cheers
  9. TCGT

    Fault Lights

    the handbrake light coming on - mine used to come on every now and again. you should look at it as a warning light for all things to do with the brakes. discs need replacing pads need replacing - brake light bulbs gone etc etc i took my dash off at one stage thinking it was earthing somewhere and found it wasn't - then replaced the switch under the handbrake, then the rear disks and it went off. Hi, as far as I can tell my handbrake light is working fine. It is a circle with a "P" in it at the bottom left of the panel. The lights that come on are a Battery shape and above that an exclamation mark inside a circle, it's next to number 1 on the counter. They both come on at the same time, after about 5mins. cheers
  10. hi, of course it is, I knew that. Thanks for solving that little query, good to know it isn't a vital part of the Celica's anatomy. Anyone fancy putting up a pic of something wierd to keep us all guessing. cheers
  11. hi ring 01642 808000 ask for parts dept. My local Mr T. I get my import parts there. Import parts are on their computer. You will need chassis and model code (ST 182 BLMVF in my case). They are always helpful. cheers
  12. Hi, Whilst removing the brake master cylinder this object was pulled out from next to the servo. Any idea of it's use and whether it is even connected with the car? The length is around 5 inches. cheers
  13. TCGT

    Speeding ?

    hi, thanks all for your help, a new/used sensor arrived this morning. £12 Struggled a bit to fit it and wasn't convinced it was seated properly, but it works. Speedo is now smooth but I'll miss doing 110 :D
  14. TCGT

    Speeding ?

    hi, I was doing 110 today down the A19. The other cars must've been going some as they were all passing me. Okay so the speedos acting up. It fluctuates wildly at lower speeds then climbs to ridiculous speeds when doing around 50. Has anybody had a similar experience with the electronic setup and if so is it likely to be the sender on the gearbox or the speedo. cheers
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