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  1. Mcc84

    1St Gear Whine

    Hi, When I accelerate in 1st gear and depress the clutch to start coasting I can hear a slight whine from the transmission(?) as rpm drops. Normally I don't do that in 1st gear but I noticed that sound while ago. It happens only in 1st gear. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this with their cars. My car is 2008 Yaris 1.3 with 30000km. Thanks.
  2. Mcc84

    Gearbox Crunch

    Does anyone know any official number or name for this modification? I have a 2008 1.3 yaris and there is an intermittent crunch when changing from 1st to 2nd. I have visited Toyota twice and they can't find any bulletin for this mod. Thanks.
  3. maybe this will help.