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  1. Urgently need full system (From manifold back- front pipe, cat & back box) for my daughters '99 SW20 N/A. Failed its' MOT on gases last night, and when I looked underneath I realised why. Few weeks ago she visited fast fit place complaining of slight leak. Their solution? Cut the cat out, complete with mounting flanges, thus rendering whole thing scrap. Wouldn't normally bother members with things like this but her wedding is in 10 days and she needs the car for the honeymoon, so if anyone could suggest a source she (and I) would be SO grateful. Can collect within 70 miles of Derby. Ta for looking.
  2. Really need one of the above for my 98 Corolla 1.3 (EE111). Anything considered- new or old; I'll even come and get it off myself if within a reasonable distance. Gotta get it sorted before winter. Thanks for looking.
  3. I've got a 94 ST205 fitted with climate control. It's the first time I've owned a motor with this particular facility, but I think I have all the various switches sussed- with one exception! In the centre of the control panel theres a switch marked AUTO in the middle, a symbol of a fan at one end and two arrows at the other. Its possible to activate either end of this switch, and when doing so it overrides the existing setting for one of its own- the "fan" end alters the speed of the fan, the "arrows" end modifys the direction of delivery of the air. That much I understand but whats the logic behind it all, and is it meant to operate in conjunction with the a/c?
  4. J&A

    Celica Handbook

    I've just purchased an imported '94 GT-Four, and I could really do with an Owners Handbook (The one that's normally found in the dash). Speaking of dashboards, the one in my car is a complete mess- hence my need for a book to tell me what switch went where! Even if you don't want to part with your copy, I'd happily pay for a scanned copy/.pdf instead. I've even tried using the handbook from my daughters ST202, but it is SO different. Thanks for looking.
  5. J&A

    Help! Mot Failure

    Hi, Took my MR2 (1994 Rev.3 N/A Non-Import) in for its' MOT yesterday, and was really disappointed that it failed- on one item, the emissions test. TBH I've noticed for some time that, once warm the engine suffers from a slight misfire on tickover, and at higher RPM in no-load conditions. Strangely enough the car exhibited similar symptoms at last years test. On that occasion I was told that it was ignition based. I therefore fitted new plugs (Denso Platinum), HT Leads (Magnecor) and rotor arm/Dizzy cap (Blueprint), and sure enough it flew through the retest. This time tho the guy who conducted the test (Workshop foreman in Toyota dealership prior to his present job) reckoned that the electrics were sound, advising that it could be a knackered cat (Fitted new along with stainless back box 14 months ago), oil in the gases, broken lambda sensor or even a faulty/leaky injector (Please God, not that!). The misfire is uneven, and sounds more like a cylinder intermittently missing- giving a "chuffing" sound. The degree of missing seems to vary depending upon the revs-it will be really noticeable at 1000 rpm, disappear at 2000 but reappear at 3000. Sods' law, it seems particularly bad at the MOTs Natural & Fast Idle settings- hence the failure. However, once the car is underway the burbling disappears and the car pulls strongly up to the red line in lower gears. Totally mystifying, and not a little frustrating. With virtually all the ignition components replaced I really have no idea where to look next. I've found a guy who specialises in jap diagnostics so I'm hoping that he'll be able to find an easy workaround, but in the meantime any observations or advice would be gratefully received. Thanks PS: For the sake of completeness I've included the gases printout: 1st Fast Idle: CO 0.82%vol (Limit <0.30%- FAIL) HC 299ppm (Limit <200ppm- FAIL) Lambda 1.014 (Limit 0.970-1.030- PASS) 2nd Fast Idle: CO 0.78%vol (Limit <0.30%- FAIL) HC 190ppm vol (Limit <200ppm vol- PASS) Lambda 1.004 (Limit 0.970-1.030- PASS) Natural Idle (750 rpm) CO 0.74% vol (Limit <0.50% vol- FAIL) If you need any further info please let me know. Thanks.
  6. J&A

    Door Glass Renewal

    I'm trying to rebuild a door for my 2 but have run into problems with the window. I can deal with the winder mechanism but have run into problems with the glass itself. specifically the various components that bolt to the actual pane (at the mo Ive got the bare glass and a bag of bolts, stops etc.). Not having the vehicle to refer to I tried using the BGB but that doesn't really cover it so can anyone suggest a better source? Even a picture of the bottom edge would be helpful- a step-by-step even better. I'm sure the answer probably lies within this forum but so far I've been unable to locate anything relevant. Any advice would be really welcome. Thanks. BTW The car in question is an 1994 SW20.
  7. J&A

    Fuse Woes

    Please help! I've been using my old mans' 06 Aygo for a week now, and its performed superbly. However, last night I unplugged a SatNav from the 12v supply (No, not a !Removed! lighter these days!) and as I did so the radio suddenly switched off. Not only that but it's refused to switch back on, and that's my problem. Despite searching everywhere I couldn't lay my hands on the Owners' Manual to help me locate what I suspect is a blown fuse. I then resorted to searching round the vehicle but all I've found so far is the large-ish box behind the battery, and all those fuses appear to be intact. Of course, as the box bears no sort of key or diagram I'm not even sure if the suspect fuse is amongst those that ones I checked. I'm also assuming that there must be other locations, given that this contains only about 7 fuses- my MR2 has about three times that number! So I'd be really grateful therefore if someone could either let me have a diagram or just give me an idea as to where I should look next. I really HAVE to get it sorted before Tuesday- that's the day he gets out of hospital and I don't really want to take his place. Thanks for looking!
  8. Ive got a Rev.3 MR2 with active sounds (I assume- fitted with a 13704 cassette) and after the CD player went t**s up I decided to replace the head unit with something more modern. With this in mind I got an Autoleads O/E to RCA adapter and a Kenwood KDC-W4041W to plug it into. Got it all plumbed in without problems- well, one small one. Although everything lights up and seems to operate correctly I get absolutely no sound from the speakers! According to the display the rear RCAs are switched on and in the correct mode ( "Rear" not "Subwoofer") but nothing happens on either channel. Can anyone advise me as to how I can check whether I'm actually getting an output from the terminals as I'm loathe to just return it to the suppliers? Needless to say, replacing the O/E head unit makes the system work as it should. ANY pointers would be really welcome as I can't work this out at all! Cheers.
  9. J&A

    Catalyst Conundrum

    Title says it all really; I've got a Rev.3 N/A badly in need of a new cat and, as I've just bought a replacement back box I'm pretty skint & trying to save £s where I can! To this end I've been trawling around looking for a cat and now I'm more confused than ever. My car was first registered 05/94 and has a cat with 2-bolt fittings, elliptical in shape and about 430mm in length (corrosion makes it difficult to judge exactly). Most pages you look at quote a cat that looks very similar but is made to fit 2s made betwixt 12/91 and 01/94, making it apear that it is incompatible. However other sites show an identical-appearing unit, 420mm in length and fitting up to 1996. The only picture I can find of a post-94 cat shows a cylindrical body with 3-bolt flanges which are obviously incorrect for my car (MR-S?), so can anyone cut a swathe through this fog of confusion surrounding my understanding? Could the dimensional difference just be due to one person rounding up, another rounding down or are there ANY differences between a 01/92 cat and one of 01/94 model? Please help because time really is limited in this case- I have to sort it ASAP and can't afford to have it off the road for too long. Thanks
  10. About to fit a new stainless exhaust, crawled under car to be met by a picture of corrosion run wild! the flange which joins onto the tailpipe has all but disintegrated allowing gases to escape from the joint, evidenced by the ring of soot in the area. By contrast the other flange (Cat to downpipe) seems to be going the same way and leakage is apparent though not on the scale of the other end. I obviously need a new cat and, seeing as how my '2 is a Rev.3 I'm assuming serviceable s/h ones are scarce- permanent removal not being practical so I'm trying to weigh up my options. Therefore I'd like to know whether anybody knows of a source cheaper than JSP- new or used? I've also read that people have taken to weighing their old cats in at scrap metal merchants- the prices of their precious metal content having sharply risen recently. has anyone done this and if so how much did you receive? Must be pretty valuable tho- 3 cars recently had their converters removed one lunchtime on our local Sainsburys' car park!! How DO they manage it? Anyway, as always I'd be really grateful for any help or info regarding this problem. Thanks.
  11. Title says it all really, Can collect within 40 miles of Derby. Thanks.
  12. J&A

    Mr2 Mk1 Sills

    Try these-C.M Fabrications, 8/9 Hays Lane, Mixenden, Halifax, HX2 8UL. 01422 244585 07778 291728, or e-mail them on david.mallinson2@tiscali.co.uk Excellent quality and they,re only £30 each. BTW if you don't know already the MR2 Mk.1 club are a mine of useful information & well worth joining. Check out http://www.mr2mk1club.com/ to see what I mean.
  13. Hi, I've just had the O/E CD player on my Rev.3 go !Removed! up, so I've obtained a replacement (TM4410) unit and all that remains is to install it, and therein lies my problem. None of the cars' previous 6 owners has thought fit to pass on the head units' security code so my questions are: i) Is the head unit supplied with a common "default" code number, and if so what is it? ii) If I do end up needing the code and it turns out that it does have a non-default code number what information does Mr.T need to be able to decode it, & how much is it likely to cost? iii) As it's only the bottom (CD) unit that i'm replacing is it feasible to leave the upper unit in place whilst carrying out the transplant or will the subsequent disconnection of the CD cause the radio/cassette to demand the aforementioned code? Any advice would be really welcome as electrics are my least favourite part of working on vehicles. Thanks
  14. The rear bumper on my 98 EE111 1.3i Liftback has developed white patches as its aged (Bit like an elephant!) so i'm looking to repaint it but I'm unsure as to which shade of grey to use. U-Pol make 3 alternatives- Light, Medium & Dark- but i don't want to end up with a mismatch so could anyone advise as to whether one of these will be suitable, and if not suggest an alternative? There again, if someones got a replacement lying around.....
  15. J&A

    St202 Exhaust Woes

    Thanks for the rapid response. Unfortunately it's not the manifold that she needs (my explanation was probably crap). The problem originally arose (we think) because some drongo with an oxy torch got carried away trying to loosen the front bolts when fitting a replacement cat. As a result he totally knackered the joint, meaning that she not only needs a new catalyser (not too much of a prob to source), but a new front pipe as well. By front pipe I mean the part of the exhaust that joins the manifold to the cat. Suppose on reflection it would have been better to call it a downpipe! Whatever it's called, it's as hard to find as a Derby County victory- and that's hard! Still looking for suggestions, sources etc. Cheers