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  1. where did you get those side repeaters? Really like them!
  2. http://woosey.zyne.co.uk/gallery2/main.php..._serialNumber=1 i didn't measure them at the time, however there definitely not 8"!! more like 5.25"
  3. it involves a 10" sub im guessing by the cut out on the floor ;)
  4. here is my mates gallery - http://woosey.zyne.co.uk/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=1786
  5. I took a few too - Edit - Gallery software has been sorted - http://woosey.zyne.co.uk/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=20 Let me know what you guys think thanks chris
  6. Annotated diagram of an ST205 engine...what on earth does the timing belt need a scoop for? I cant think of a reason?
  7. Im going on the sunday, ill be around the celica stands, want to have a poke around a few (about to purchase one!) Thanks Chris
  8. Hey, Ive seen some LED rear clusters for the 20X range, however what other options are there? Think the rear clusters are the only thing letting down the car (and no mention of lexus lights unless you want beating with a stick :P) Pictures would be awesome, cant seem to find an mention of the LED lights anymore, which is a shame, think they looked ace :) Thanks Chris
  9. Its exactly the car im looking for...in a couple of months :( Good luck with the sale.
  10. http://www.cartv.com/content/research/chan...&vid=d_0135&vca
  11. Very nice shame they start life with 3 spokes though :(
  12. how much are you after? Thanks Chris
  13. wouldn't buy the petrol for a week :P I would love one, but at 21 and a graduate, money is a bit tight Funnily enough, the insurance isn't the issue! Its the running costs! For 3k, i would rather get a mint ST202 rather than a tired ST205 :) Edit - thanks for the tip about undersealing.... thats intresting to know, good old toyota :D
  14. It wont be staying standard for too long (tasteful BTW! ;)) to right on not buying the first one i see.. ive seen a couple and it HURTS to walk away :( great cars..
  15. There isn't a great deal of difference - Apart from the condition obviously and the slightly higher power if using Optimax, the differences are mainly small or cosmetic items such as the SS2 has auto-airconditioning rather than standard and the box looks nicer as there is no blue/red on the dial! Small thing I know but they look a lot better IMO. They don't have those ugly headlight washer jets, which probably don't do much and look awful, again IMO. I have to be careful here, lots of GT owners about!! The electric folding mirrors are a god-send, one of the first times I forgot to use them my mirror got bent backwards by some toe-rag. You just have a chance of finding a higher spec car as there are more options available, especially on the later models. May find one with the projector headlamps, roof spoiler, late spec lights etc Some things it might not have - sunroof was an option as were airbags and no cruise control. Try and remember some more for ya but my brain's frazzled from too much wine lol cool cheers buddy. I have 3k and i want Black A/c Cruise control (im confused, do some come with it or what?!!) thats it, im easy. Not overly fused about the power as its mostly likely a stop gap to a 205. Has anyone got some nice high res images of GTs? Internet sucks for pictures of definite UK models in high res!! Thanks Chris
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