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  1. Wheel bearings I have had problems with cheap ones. Fitted two new rear ones when I first got mine on the road. The following year had loads of play after 3000 miles. Had them changed under warranty and fitted new same make and they had more play than the old one. Now I use blueprint parts and never had a problem.
  2. When I got the car it had 220,000 miles with full service history. It had been parked up for a year because it was southern Ireland registered. I registered it with Dvla and have had it on the road 3 years now. Most of the differences I have noticed are trim parts they look the same but are different. I am always comparing the two as my mum and brother have French built one's 80,000 and 170,000 miles which he has had from new and me and my dad have Jap built 244,000 and 105,000 miles. Denso parts are usually used on Japanese built and Bosch on French built. Glow plugs I normally use
  3. Hi Just to let you know I have a 2003 Jap built 5 door it has just got to 244,000 miles. Have done the head gasket recently and glow plugs. Apart from that just servicing and anti roll bar bushes. Excellent cars and engine I am an ex Toyota mechanic. I have 4 d4d Yaris's in the family that I look after. Jap and french built and I notice the difference between the two. Enjoy
  4. Just getting my new yaris on the road came from southern ireland 2003 1.4 diesel Yaris 231000 miles
  5. Hi I have a 2002 Corolla verso 2.0 d4d 151000miles Have a bearing noise from the offside front which goes away when you turn right. I have just replaced the offside wheel bearing thinking it was this and gearbox oil also replaced. Noise is still the same. Am I right in thinking diff bearing fault. Regards Kerry
  6. Hi Where can i find the fuse box for reverse lights as i have no handbook.
  7. Hi i recently blanked off the egr on my 2002 corolla d4d. No Engine management lights have come on and all running good, also at the same time i cut out the cat and replaced with straight piece of pipe.
  8. Just replaced both of mine on d4d verso. Got replacement one's from a company called www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk 0121 770 5636. Excellent company to deal with. Had a problem with mine that a different driveshaft was fitted and had different number of splines on one side to the other. These joints have to be cut off when being replaced. Here is a good video to show how it is done.Hope this helps.
  9. got mine of e bay £12.50 brand new
  10. i new to TOC i have just brought a corolla g6 1.3 r reg. engine hesitates when pulling a away like a flat spot and when warm idle speed is very low but not stalling. it has fault code 14, any help would be appreciated. engine is 4EFE
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