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  1. nice one mate, will try give them a ring when i get a chance. cheers
  2. lol fair enough. saw it advertised, not exactly far from me either, shame i havnt got the funds for it at the moment :(
  3. selling the car already mate?
  4. any word on NU details yet mate?
  5. that would be brilliant mate, cheers!
  6. yeh i tried a few of those companies but didn't have much luck to be honest, will try the ones i havn't though, cheers mate. when you did get the quote what do the insurance comapnies list it as? i've found levin, leven, corrolla coupe?
  7. yeh admiral have it but for the price they want i wouldn't be far off buying the car! admiral and elephant have the same price, layout and policy details so im assunming they have the same underwriters. any idea what NU had the levin listed under when you got your quote? save so confusion when i ring them. cheers for the help.
  8. this topic has probably been brought up before so apologies if it has but couldn't find any thing on it. does any one know of any decent insurance companies that atleast list the levin. having trouble finding any. cheers for any help.
  9. it was someone from paseoclubs car, he wasn't to happy about it either but needed the money!
  10. some one on there may be able to help.
  11. 115k on mine and no troubles, burns abit of oil but not a problem. like james said the rear shocks are common, went on mine, but are easy to replace.
  12. any one know what the offset is for a paseo and whether any other cars have the same offset or the wheels from another car will fit the paseo aswell, pretty skint so going to have to find some 2nd hand wheels! Cheers for any help