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  1. indeed, went for a look around the McLaren HQ at Woking the other day – awesome place
  2. hello guys, and thanks, it's been an age since I've been on here I've almost forgotten what it's like! Tonight I've got lots of drinking to do with my old work mates as I have now started a new job as art editor on McLaren F1's Racing Line magazine, and it just happens to be my birthday too!
  3. Hi Jerry, when I changed my job I found I could get on here less and less and then it was pointless doing the moderating, I'm still about from time to time as you can see
  4. sometimes I can be seen in Ipswich but not for very long at a time!
  5. Not sure if there is a Bolney meet this year, usually it's in March isn't it? There is however a Jap car meet on the 19th Feb at Boxhill Sussex
  6. depends on what you mean by good places to live! it's a beautiful city and none of it is particularly cheap,
  7. chances are yes it's an import the most obvious way to tell is the shape of the rear number plate if it's squarish it's an import
  8. You might have seen it before but it looks interesting doesn't it http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...ssPageName=WDVW
  9. the very same! I love all those old Celicas, If I won the lottery I'd like one of each!
  10. RA63 was the Gen 3 1981–1985 model.
  11. there's some great stuff on there!
  12. The Jordan Formula One team will be on the grid for 2005, following the announcement of a deal with Toyota for a supply of customer engines. The future of Eddie Jordan's team had been in doubt following the announcement earlier in the year that Ford was to exit F1, putting Cosworth Racing – engine suppliers to both Jordan and Minardi – up for sale. Although it is believed that Cosworth engines were still an option for Jordan, albeit at an increased cost, rumours began to circulate as the season drew to a close that Toyota were prepared to offer customer engines following the news that power plants will have to last for two races for next season. As a result, Jordan has now announced a one-year deal with Toyota that will see his team powered by 2005 specification Toyota RVX-05 engines. Understandably the popular Irishman was delighted with the news and expressed his thanks to Toyota for making the deal possible. "Toyota are to be commended,” he said. “Not only have they been fantastic to Jordan by agreeing this deal at such short notice, but they have also done the magnanimous thing for the sport by putting Formula One above their own exclusivity. “A supply of Toyota engines is an enormous boost for Jordan and I am very excited about putting together our 2005 package in the coming weeks and months. This announcement, along with others coming shortly, will revive the fortunes of Jordan Grand Prix and at the same time I hope we can help Toyota in the battle for World Championship honours." The one-year deal enables Jordan to purchase 2005 specification Toyota RVX-05 engines at an affordable price. Tsutomu Tomita, chairman of Toyota Motorsport GmbH and Team Principal of Panasonic Toyota Racing, admitted that the deal would probably not have occurred had it not been for the new regulations brought in for next season and added that he hopes that Toyota power will be a strong asset for Jordan after a few difficult seasons. "The decision to supply Jordan Grand Prix with engines was only taken in recent weeks once engine regulations for 2005 were confirmed,” he said. “The move to a two-race engine and the recent planned reduction of testing for next year has also contributed considerably to making this deal possible. The last-minute nature of this agreement will offer us a real challenge for the upcoming season, but it is one which we are happy to take on. “We are pleased to be able to offer our services to help another team, given the difficulties that Formula 1 is currently facing, particularly with engine supply. I sincerely hope that the Toyota RVX-05 engine will be a substantial asset to the Jordan team in the coming season. The agreement between Jordan and Toyota will not result in a re-branding of the Jordan team in 2005 and the Toyota name and logo will not be used in conjunction with those of Jordan Grand Prix next season.
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