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  1. Hello all, I’ve noticed I cannot find my private messages and I cannot message anyone! Was hoping to contact the excellent member who can supply Toyota parts at a discount!!!😜 Can anyone advise?
  2. I have a set of Genuine Toyota Auris floor mats out of a 2013 Mk2 Auris for sale, £15 and a Genuine Toyota Auris Boot Liner out of a 2017 Auris also £15. Both cars have now been sold so these are just gathering dust! See pics below.
  3. I agree with that, I think its because the Aygo's 3 cylinder engine has so much character and it accelerates very well it makes a 4 cylinder Yaris seem boring!
  4. Good Morning All I'd just like to post to say Hello again and advise that I am back within the fold of Aygo ownership yet again, You may remember I was lucky enough to get a New Aygo X-Play in 2017 as part of a scrappage scheme Toyota was running at the time, Ownership of this became a problem because it was a manual which was all the dealer had at that time and my wife can only drive an automatic, I tried to rectify this at first service but they wouldnt swap me into an automatic and the only option they gave was to swap to a used Yaris Hybrid! I have finally managed to part exchange that for my new bright red Aygo X-Trend Automatic (Ruby) and I like it far better than the Yaris!!! I've attached a few pictures!
  5. Well, after having an airbag recall done and our local Toyota dealer being no further on with this fault due to lack of help!!! I took to Twitter as the dealer was doing everything possible but someone within Toyota wasn't doing a great lot! Anyway the nice customer services liaised with me and the dealer and today after carrying out further software downloads the issue has been resolved! Thanks Guys.
  6. Good Morning All My 2015 Yaris Hybrid has developed an interesting issue with the mode button on the steering wheel, if the display in the car is showing the bluetooth or the AM display I can press the mode button and it will cycle through to the FM display and then it stops! On our old Yaris and on my wife's Auris using the mode button continuously cycles through the various screens. The car has just had its 4 year service and the dealer wasn't aware of this issue so they have made a small video showing the fault and will email it to wherever on Monday. No amount of internet searches show this problem and I cant find a mention on it on here! Has anyone else encountered this?
  7. Hi All I collected my New Aygo on Thursday after trying to spend 12 months with a 17 year old Ford Puma! Anyway I always use the DAB radio in the wife's Toyota's and was looking forward to planet rock being listened to daily in my car, After collecting the car I tried to tune the DAB but could only find 7 stations!!! I have messed and mauled about with it since Thursday and was on the point of booking the car in for Toyota to sort when I found the solution. What you have to do is tune it to one of the 7 stations then turn the menu knob and it then displays the numerous stations in that group, for example I could only find BBC Radio 1, you tune it to that then when you turn the menu knob it displays Radio 2,3,4 etc. I'm now very happy with the new car and look forward to driving it daily whilst rock music and adverts fill the air! Hope this helps as the owners manual is useless and nobody else seems to have had this issue on the forums!
  8. Well, final sorted, they greased the engine mount and will replace if it makes the noise again?!?, So, traded it and the wife's Aygo for a brand new Yaris Orange Edition, dealership totally rubbish though, they couldn't get the delivery date right and the Manager promised to be on hand when we collected the car, guess what? HE wasn't there!!!
  9. Hi all im at the end of my tether with my 2013 Auris, bought it last December part exchanging my 2012 Auris MMT that I was unhappy with! Anyway, 2 weeks after I bought it I took it back because we heard a noise coming from the offside front of the car, it sounds like the exhaust hitting the heat shield or a suspension bump but it mainly does it when turning right and doesn't always do it going over sleeping policemen! The supplying dealer couldn't find anything so I left it until March this year and when it went in for service I find the dealership has changed hands and the new dealer has no access to the old dealers records! The new dealer couldn't find anything wrong but the bumping noise stops for 2 weeks!!! The car then had to go in for a replacement rear wheel due to corrosion and whilst in they looked for the bumping noise but couldn't find anything! The dealer advised to bring it in the night before and leave it with them so arrangements were made, time was booked off work and they then had the car for a day and a half! Upon returning to the dealership they said we've replaced an engine mount! For two weeks the noise stopped only to return, by this time I'm so fed up the wife said ignore it! Anyway whilst checking the car at the weekend I noticed a date stamp in the offside engine mount of Feb 2013 so went onto My Toyota to find no record of the work has been logged with Toyota! Anyone had a similar fault and how did your dealer cure it? I'm currently waiting for an explanation from my dealer before I go direct to Toyota and poke em with a large stick! I find the build quality of the Aurises aren't a patch on earlier Toyotas we have owned!😱
  10. dav806

    2013 Auris

  11. I quite like the sound of the CVT on paper and after the TSB Toyota seem to have solved the early problems they had but the next car I get I would want to keep for at least 3 years if not longer therefore I would be more inclined to go with the 4 speed auto in the RAV, I'll keep my eyes open as to what becomes available, I'll give it a good testing then provided it's got a decent warranty then we may end up with a CVT. With my current Auris being the MMT and how odd it works then it will be going before the 5 year warranty expires in March 2017! It may well be reliable for many years after that but I wouldn't want to find out it isn't at my expense!
  12. Yes, it's got the same manual box but with solenoids! 🙄 they did put the 6 speed in it but then buggered the software!😃
  13. I've got the Auris MMT at the moment but had a Prius before that, loved the Prius box and upon test driving the Auris thought there wasn't much difference, 14 months on I dislike the MMT and wouldn't encourage anyone to get one! I've decided to wait for a 4 speed auto now as the conventional auto box will be what my wife and I have had for many years and I wouldn't like to get a CVT one and end up hating that!
  14. Nissan Navara (Pathfinder) has same issues, someone on their site installed a seperate transmission oil cooler and blanked of the standard pipes and radiator, google it, decent looking job. I know Vauxhalls have the same problem but don't know of anyone with a Landcruiser who has had this problem.
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