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  1. Hi, Thanks for all your positive replies.
  2. Just posting to say that our Aygo Sport is being traded against a new Hyundai i10. A recent breakdown has led to my wife losing some confidence in the car and a hefty bill has spurred us on to replacing the car to get another covered by warranty. Here is a brief summary of our experience of the car since it was registered Sep 06 and covered 36k miles. The car (until its breakdown) performed very well. The major reason I bought this car was the promise of fantastic fuel consumption and it performed really well in that respect. Although I have not calculated it for a long time it managed very close to 60 mpg doing a mix of town and motorway driving. A major letdown to me was the very poor build quality of the interior. It rattled from lots of places in the car. This did not bother my wife, but even though it was a "cheap" car it really bugged me when I drove it. A rust spot on the leading edge of the roof appeared after about 18 months. This was repaired under warranty by Toyota. Just prior to its first MOT the dealer took the car in and found that the discs were corroded and that it needed a new water pump. These were replaced under warranty. I wont go over the fault that caused the breakdown as I covered this in another post. Overall, the Aygo has been good but by no means perfect. we would have considered purchasing another but they really seem overpriced now. I bought this car (the top model at the time) for £7k. To get a top of the range one now with 4 doors and AC is ~£10k, a lot more than the car it is being replaced by. One final shout to the dealer. Western Toyota (Cameron Toll, Edinburgh) have been first class in all respects and I would recommend anyone looking for a Toyota to give them a chance if purchasing or looking to service their car.
  3. So, that's three out of the fairly small community on here that had had a fuel pump failure. This will help my claim for compensation with Toyota if they refuse when/if they reply to my current letter. Thank for your post "pleb".
  4. You do get some cars that should be reliable and sometimes you get a bad'un. However, if you have owned that car since it was <3 years old - then you would have had the opportunity to buy an extended warranty. Clearly in this case you did not and decided to take the gamble that the car would continue to be reliable outside of the provided warranty period. You may not be pleased at the hefty bill you have been landed with, but at the end of the day, you chose not to take the warranty and accepted the risk. Why is it Toyota's fault? Actually, I was not offered an extended warranty by the dealer. Also, FYI the Sale of Goods Act says: "Q3. Are all goods supposed to last six (or five) years? No, that is the limit for bringing a court case in England and Wales (five years from the time of discovery in Scotland's case). An item only needs to last as long as it is reasonable to expect it to, taking into account all the factors. An oil filter would usually not last longer than a year but that would not mean it was unsatisfactory. I think it is reasonable to expect the fuel pump in a car to last longer than 3 years and 4 months and have detailed this in my letter to Toyota. We'll see what they say. BTW, thanks for your support :P
  5. I know, but such a hefty bill on a car just out of warranty is not something to be pleased about. But Toyota are paying £150 towards it - most mainstream manufacturers wouldn't entertain your claim. Not true. Dealers regularly ask manufacturers to contribute towards "unusual" failures.
  6. I know, but such a hefty bill on a car just out of warranty is not something to be pleased about.
  7. Just had another call from the dealer. Turns out the car needs a fuel sender and pump. Total cost to me will be £290, the dealer has already secured a contribution of £150 from Toyota. I imagine the sender is the fuel gauge part, the fuel gauge stopped working recently. The broken fuel pump must be what caused the breakdown. Toyota's reliability really is taking a kicking in my view now!
  8. I posted recently about the fuel gauge in our Aygo (Sep 06) stopping working and then coming back to life. Well today, the car broke down on my wife. No warning, it just conked out whilst in neutral at a set of lights and would not re-start. Green Flag could not get it going and said it looked like it was not getting fuel. So, it was taken to the dealer which was only a mile away. They charge a total rip-off £52 to diagnose the fault. Seems the car needs a new fuel sender unit (a fuel pump I think). Total bill to repair the car £187! I will be writing to Toyota to ask for them to make a contribution to the cost. A part like this should last longer than just over 3 years and 32k miles, should it not. Anyone else heard of this happening? Dealer said this was the first Aygo that had just stopped working like this.
  9. Thanks for the replies. Strangely, the fuel gauge has started working again. I wonder if the float was stuck or something!
  10. Hi, In my wife's Aygo (56 plate SPORT) the petrol gauge has stopped working completely, it shows FULL all the time. Is this a known issue? If anyone else has had this problem, any idea what it took to fix it? How much it would cost? The car is out of warranty. Thanks, Ken.
  11. I too an not impressed with the price of the Aygo these days. Our Sep 06 car Aygo Sport cost me £7000 cash. I am pretty sure that the list price was ~£7600 at the time. The Sport is not offered now but the Aygo plus is £8830 without alloys, front fogs and rev counter is still about 16% more expensive than the list of the Aygo Sport 3 years ago. Has anyone told Toyota that inflation rates have been low for all this time? Now, I am starting to think about alternatives if we decide to trade my wife's Aygo :o
  12. Our car is mint and has been very well cared for. Maybe it was not that well put together?
  13. Hi, Our Aygo is three years old and may be getting replaced in a few months. To any of you with a recent car, how is the build quality of the interior? I'm not talking about the quality of the plastics but how rattly and buzzy it is. Our car (my wife's really) drives me nuts with rattles like the a-Pillars rattling and the casings between the rear seats and side windows really rattly. So, are new cars any better than our 3 year old car with 32k on the clock? Thanks.
  14. Since haggling hard could net a 10% saving in this climate, I would want to spend a lot less on a 2nd hand car.
  15. Surely it is getting a good feal that is most important, not if you can afford it. Dealers are experts at asking what you can afford and then stitching you up with a finance deal that sounds good at first!
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