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  1. What a beauty you have - you'll miss it! I used to own 52 plate Type R. It was only 18 months old at the time and even though I owned the MR2 Roadster for 5 years, always promised myself a Civic again.... Good luck with your search, plenty of Avensis owners I'm sure will give you some sound advice.
  2. Awe, well hopefully you'll be getting something to replace her. Said goodbye to my 2 nearly five months ago, and only missed it since the snow has melted and the sun has shone!!!
  3. I should think it will take 6 mechanics 9 hours to fix though!! ;)
  4. I've got a big soft spot for JRTs. She's beautiful, have fun with her!
  5. Well I've finally broken my kick pedal, snapped it in half right in the middle of Radiohead's Creep! Now I've bought a replacement for the top (the reinforced wood one), but after fitting it and no joy, have tested the wiring and it's buggered. I'm after a replacement, and really only need the circuit board and wire. It's impossible to buy on in this country unless with the drum set or band in a box. Anybody know where to source one? Lots in the US but no shipping to here. Warranty is out as I've had it year, and I'm pretty bored with the guitar now. Cheers, Amy.
  6. I would definitely get a bolt on that, anything that will fit the hole tight will do, I just looked in the shed for odd nuts & bolts. It won't guarantee a rattle fix, but it should certainly help. Check the other side too. It's an on-going process I'm afraid, that missing bolt is the one I fixed a few months ago and I've got another rattle now. Must be the age, they all go at the same time.
  7. I find the Sony stereo to be great in mine, but it sounds like you may have to buy yourself a new one. CFC has a great set up. I would follow being a music tech technician and an avid lover of all things electrical & musical, but I'm not in the car enough. His set up looks awesome! I haven't gutted my pre-cats so can't give you advice on the gutting.
  8. There's all sorts of arguments on the pre-cats gutting issue. I haven't gutted mine and it's a 2000 with 52k on the clock. I check my oil regularly and have just done an oil change to fully synth. It uses absolutely no oil from one service to the next. There is plenty to read up on and valid points from both sides. I would really get the light read but if you want to turn it out yourself, disconnect the battery for half an hour. If the light comes back on after a few trips then there is an issue.
  9. Hi, with regards the pre-cats there are definite pros and cons to removing them, and I won't be the first to say check your oil regularly (once a week) before you decide about them. Secondly, your eml won't go off, it needs to be read. Where did you get the car serviced? if it was Mr T then they should NEVER have given you this advice. That light is trying to tell you something so get it read asap. There are some very handy hints and tips at the top of the Roadster/MRS page.
  10. Nice one! Best time of year to find a second hand hardtop, but I can't imagine you having that on for long with the summer approaching B) . Did you source the fitting kit from the guy over at MR2ROC?
  11. Well I fixed the original rattle a year ago, but had a new heatshield rattle appear about a month ago. One of the bolts on the next heatshield along was completely rusted, so I fixed a new bolt. Now I have another rattle! Man these heatshields are a PITA! Will be looking at where the exhaust splits into two up to the main cat. I know this is such a common problem with all the searches I've done, but I'm still very retisant about removing the whole lot. I'll just keep buying those jubilee clips I guess!!
  12. I'm nearly 33, max no claims (unprotected) Fully Comp with Hubby as named driver (36yrs and a DD10 ) 2000, no hard top, parked on street with no mods. Tesco - £250
  13. Hi, over at MR2ROC they use CTP, he's an affiliate of the club and a club member. He may do discounts for club members but quotes are around £169 delivered for the fitting kit. Will be going there myself once I find a hardtop so let us know how you get on. His website is www.cheaptoyotaparts.co.uk
  14. I have not broken any of their rules, they just cant make stuff up PS I only carry tesco vouchers with me if I intend to go there Well done for re-using your bags though :) !
  15. Ooo, pretty colours. I sat and defragged my old PC about a year ago - just to keep my hand in with the Microsoft world!
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