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  1. Is that my only option?? Is there no other company that can do this without having to pay main dealer costs?
  2. Hi All, I've just bourght a 97 Corolla Hatchback 1.3GS and need to get a spare ignition key and keyfob (2 button lock/unlock) I have the original black key (with silver tag) and a working 2 button fob. I'm obviously worried about losing these, so need spares. What are my best options? Cheers
  3. Looks great - does it work ok? I have the TNS 310 in mine, which is pretty boring with the tiny screen. Full colour is the way forward!
  4. I've got to agree petrol is still the way forward for outright performance, however there are some fairly smooth performing diesels out there - take the Golf GT TDI PD150 - a quick car, with strong midrange pull. Yes it would smoke some 2L petrols off the block, but you can't beat the satisfaction of petrol power - such as with the Subaru Impreza, Mitsubishi Evo, Toyota Supra, BMW M3 - can't imagine them being diesel powered. Both fuels have their qualities, but depending on what you have driven there will always be disagreements on this.
  5. Why do people insist on having M3 mirrors? There are so many others to choose from.
  6. Do you have a diesel box installed? Could be set too high causing overfueling. If not I'd suggest perhaps a faulty common rail sensor. Take it back to Mr T.
  7. People will sell anything on ebay. I once saw someone selling a 'travel shower' which was an empty lemonade bottle with holes punched in it! LOL Magnets on your fuel line? Whatever next....
  8. Nice one enjoy! The engine management will go off itself after a while if no problem remains. Have fun.
  9. I've got a digital tuning box - had no problems and noticed good performance increase. I did get an engine management warning first time round because I set it too high, so was overfueling. Most people are sure to be tempted to do this a first. I disconnected my battery for 5 mins to reset, then set the box at a more sensible level. The digital box does not need to be set anywhere near as high as the analogue versions. Around setting 8 should be more than enough and give around 20-25%. The highest setting can give up to 35% which can cause overfueling. Hope this helps...
  10. Yeah - having to reach over for the trip computer button is a real pain. Wish it could of been placed on the stalk / steering wheel.
  11. They are all dam funky. Got to be the green for me!
  12. I made the same complaint about my 06 D4D Yaris, but it's slowly getting better. I have to drive very lightly to get good economy at the moment. Only done just over 4000 miles. Absolute best I've had so far is 380 miles for tank.
  13. I don't know how you guys do it! I put around £35 for a full tank, and I'm lucky to get 370 miles (that's without the tuning box). My engine is still new with around 3500 miles. She is still tight - needs loosing up!! :-). You guys getting 500 miles plus - I assume your cars are far more run in?
  14. Having said that - the Aygo is great fun, I had one the other day as a courtesy car. Sounds a lot faster than it is, but a cool little car! Yeah ..... I apologise if I have offended anybody too - however it's better than any other hatchbacks out there The engine felt like it had no go after 60MPH and slowly creaped to 70MPH .... although when you was braking using the engine it had none of that jerkiness that you would normally expect. The sound was Different and was very free with the revs although when you started it up and set off it didnt sound to good AAaarrrrhhhhh - 2 red-uns
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