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  1. Have you thought about the 205/55/16 Michelin. You will be on a more standard tyre and ill be cheaper. Will also give you a more accurate tachometer, a it brings the variance down from 6% to 2%. Then you will also get. True mpg, rather than one that is 6% out.
  2. could u email me telling me how to bypass my toyota starlet transponder coz i only got 1 key with the car when i bought it and av gone and lost it and i have a new job to start so need the car runnin sharpish plz am not fussed if there is no imobilser on from now on the car only cost me 550 so not to fussed if gets pinched email me on grahamhughes_6@msn.com cheers m8t

  3. Thanks Mate just done the trick locating a resistor pack.....!
  4. never assume...clean out the ICV and the throttle body
  5. Look for the siren under the right wing. You'll need to take the plastic inner guard away. It can be unplugged to silence it
  6. u sure you havent a split air hose?
  7. its a reserve air chamber to hold air if you should suddenly brake and the forced flow from the front air vent is reduced. It allows for the engine to idle without trouble.
  8. 1) Is the bearing a press fit in the steering knuckle? (It looks like it's not, but held in place with a circlip) 2) Has anyone found the bearing outer shell turned in the steering knuckle, trashing that as well? 3) Where can I get a new bearing and seal kit from (apart from Mr T)? I'm sure it's the same as a Carina e. Yes press fit and held with circlip. Yes they can turn ruining the wheel Hub and / or carrier. Any bearing dealer will sell you a kit. I've been buying them for £25 in Shropshire. If you need a hub then this will cost around £30=vat from Mr T. A Carrier is best from a breakers. Regards
  9. Not necessarily, but is better to...If you want to do without a press then you'll need a 'butchered' old driveshaft to knock out the bearing outer casing. This obviously needs a diameter the same as the o/d of the bearing. To put in the new bearing you can use the old outer shell to tap it in...
  10. Max 4 hrs labour + parts. A good local independant will charge £25-30 tops. That means under £200 for the clutch... My mechanic charged me £100 + the cost of the clutch.
  11. Remove the glove box and you should see it there by the centre panel strut.
  12. Rip out the alarm ecu...that's what i've just done to the Corolla...until i understand why they go wrong.
  13. On the subject, I understand why people don't want to publicly put out info on programming fob's but is there really a shortage of Genuine Toyota mechanics on this forum. No one seems willing to share TSB info. Having driven Toyota's for the last 20+ years I have only ever booked 1 car in a a dealership....and you know what for...program a fob for my wife's Corolla! I may need to do this again as I now need a spare for a 95 Celica as my daughter has signed up!...anyone help..PM if you need to...willing to share my knowledge on LPG if it helps..
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