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  1. Have you thought about the 205/55/16 Michelin. You will be on a more standard tyre and ill be cheaper. Will also give you a more accurate tachometer, a it brings the variance down from 6% to 2%. Then you will also get. True mpg, rather than one that is 6% out.
  2. Thanks Mate just done the trick locating a resistor pack.....!
  3. never assume...clean out the ICV and the throttle body
  4. Look for the siren under the right wing. You'll need to take the plastic inner guard away. It can be unplugged to silence it
  5. u sure you havent a split air hose?
  6. its a reserve air chamber to hold air if you should suddenly brake and the forced flow from the front air vent is reduced. It allows for the engine to idle without trouble.
  7. 1) Is the bearing a press fit in the steering knuckle? (It looks like it's not, but held in place with a circlip) 2) Has anyone found the bearing outer shell turned in the steering knuckle, trashing that as well? 3) Where can I get a new bearing and seal kit from (apart from Mr T)? I'm sure it's the same as a Carina e. Yes press fit and held with circlip. Yes they can turn ruining the wheel Hub and / or carrier. Any bearing dealer will sell you a kit. I've been buying them for £25 in Shropshire. If you need a hub then this will cost around £30=vat from Mr T. A Carrier is best from a breakers. Regards
  8. Not necessarily, but is better to...If you want to do without a press then you'll need a 'butchered' old driveshaft to knock out the bearing outer casing. This obviously needs a diameter the same as the o/d of the bearing. To put in the new bearing you can use the old outer shell to tap it in...
  9. Max 4 hrs labour + parts. A good local independant will charge £25-30 tops. That means under £200 for the clutch... My mechanic charged me £100 + the cost of the clutch.
  10. Remove the glove box and you should see it there by the centre panel strut.
  11. Rip out the alarm ecu...that's what i've just done to the Corolla...until i understand why they go wrong.
  12. On the subject, I understand why people don't want to publicly put out info on programming fob's but is there really a shortage of Genuine Toyota mechanics on this forum. No one seems willing to share TSB info. Having driven Toyota's for the last 20+ years I have only ever booked 1 car in a a dealership....and you know what for...program a fob for my wife's Corolla! I may need to do this again as I now need a spare for a 95 Celica as my daughter has signed up!...anyone help..PM if you need to...willing to share my knowledge on LPG if it helps..
  13. Beardie


    PM me and i'll tel you how to get around it...
  14. guys they only fail if you fail to use proper coolant in the radiator. Use 4 life anti freeze and it will never kill a pump. no different to using a rust inhibitor in your central heating system. no coolant means no lubrication for the bearing.
  15. francois# get another mechanic...£300 for a clutch change in your car is robbery..
  16. The sunroof drain tubes pass through the rear quarters. Make sure this pipe has not popped out the hole in the floor of the quarter.
  17. Gazza# Spot on mate...Daikin OEM clutch around £60 complete. Don't bother with a reconditioned jobbie, and remember to clean the flywheel thoroughly before fitting. You don't want clutch judder after the box is back in...
  18. Take the air intake pipe off the throttle hosuing. This holds the butterfly and as Gazza has said, it can get stuck in the idle position. Use WD40 or a drop of thinners on a rag to wipe it clean. Should last more than 12 months.
  19. 15w40 either semi or fully synthetic is fine.
  20. My 4A-Fe has been on LPG for 6 years since 1999!. I would not use anything else. It's Superb. All my cars have been on LPG and I have kept my own and always upgraded my wife's although the cars have had nothing go wrong!. Do not worry about valves. these engines are excellent. I have pictures of a 150000 miles 4A-FE head (same as 7A-FE) and it looks like a 10000 mile unit! I only changed this engine as I managed to get a brand new engine very cheap in 2004.
  21. Beardie

    Carina E

    Check Chassis numbers. Those early models are mostly JTK (japan) and later 93 - are SBK (British). Having owned both I would have a 92 model before a 97 any day of the week. Sorry guys but some UK components are just not a patch on the jap quality. Its a case of that any motor car is only as good as the components it's made from. Have a good relationship with the component manufacturers and you''ll have a top car!
  22. left standing it's not re learning any values for the ECU. It needs to be driven around for 15-20 minutes and then you'll find out. Having the battery disconnected means it's using default values that will not highlight any probs immediately. Worth getting down to the breakers for another sensor.
  23. 20mpg..you have a fuel leak or a fuel thief or a blocked air filter. If it was to use that much in running, you'd notice sluggish performance with the over rich mixture. Are you sure the car's not left idling in traffic for hours on end?
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