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  1. Steve I think it looks great with the new front splitter! Probably looks better with this splitter rather than the TTE splitter. Remember that the TTE splitter was ,made to be fitted to the pre-facelift Corollas, so it did not fit 100% the facelift ones. Backbox looks really nice too! So, all's well now!
  2. I think that if the problem was the oil pump, you would have trouble even at lower revs and not only when trying to hit lift. Fyi lift is engaged through oil pressure, so if the lift bolts have indeed snapped, then the oil pressure would fall, and maybe this is why you have seen the oil light flashing. Plus the fact that you hear the knocking sound makes my belief stronger. The lift bolts is a very common problem of Tsports. I have never heard of oil-pump problems in Tsports. It is very easy to check the lift bolts, so this would be the first think i would check, just to rule that out.
  3. Just to point out that we had issues with 1zz injectors only in oversized engines (from 4zz to 1zz). I have not tried the 1zz injectors in a 4zz or 3zz engine, so phatali is the expert in this section. :D
  4. It seems like you get the problem when the car tries to hit lift. So check the lift bolts. Maybe one (or both of them) has snapped. It is a common problem (these bolts wear out eventually after hitting lift too many times - so tsport owners replace them with better quality ones so as never to face this problem). You need to change them with better quality/material ones. They are very cheap. You could even do it yourself if you feel confident (mechanically-wise). Check this very helpful guide. http://www.users.on.net/~nbenjamin/tech/liftbolts/
  5. I dynotested the car on Saturday morning with the airbox-cone filter-patent (I don't know how to discribe it- LOL) and the results were more than anticipated. The car produced 147.1Hp at 6400rpm and 18,5kgrms of torque at 4700rpm. This means, compared to my last dynorun on December with the standard airbox, that I got 6hp and about 1kgrm of torque more.(!) The car was stronger in all the rpm range. I also got a video. Just watch how fast the km/h needle moves.
  6. There are two very important things that you must do after intalling the K&N kit. 1. Use the special oil-sprey provided by K&N and spray the cone filter very very good. 2. Drive the car around for many miles till your ECU adopts to the new data. Instead of that you could also reset the ECU by pulling out the negative pole for about 10 minutes, but this will also cause you to lose your radio stations and the automatic up/down rolling of your windows. To get the automatic window rolling back, start the engine and for each of the windows press the button to roll down the window completely
  7. I think that the 1zz pulley must be slightly bigger/heavier.
  8. Hi. Yes I kept the 4zz exchaust manifold. The only changes I made exchaust-wise were: 1. Removed the pre-catalyst. 2. Installed a TS backbox There is a lot of work for the 2zz. You need wirings, brakes, gearbox, even the whole dashbord/rev meters etc. It can be done though.
  9. I believe your model is E15. Mine is E12.
  10. Very nice looking corolla you got there! I think the red rims suit her just fine! To increase the bhp on a 3zz you got some options. You start easy by changing the air filter in the airbox with a K&N one, or even install a cone filter. You change the backbox with a more sportif one. I think your accelerator is electronical (not cable) so you could also install a sprint booster. Ofcourse don't expect too much increase in bhp from the above. To get real increase you either have to oversize the engine with 1zz parts (like I did), or swap your engine with a 1zz one (or even 2zz one or 3sgte on
  11. Next time you are in Piraeus, I'll take you for a ride...
  12. Airbox patent for creating a short ram intake. Will revert with dynotest results to see gains or loses. I found a used airbox so as not to mess with mine.
  13. Gday Noedel. What happened to the new rear bumper?
  14. Was it coming from somewhere behind the driver's seat? Is it the fuel pump?
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