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  1. Keir

    Your Mileages

    I not so long ago passed 154,000 miles.
  2. I've got one, I love it. It's nearly clocked 150,300 miles!
  3. :/ You'll have to remove it to paint it?
  4. Whats the blue thing in the corner of the windscreen?
  5. Keir

    Exhaust Help/query

    Thought I'd bump this as my exhaust is blowing now, so needs replacing/upgrading.
  6. Keir

    Modding Corolla

    I think he/she was maybe looking for some links?
  7. Oh nice! How much where your mods?
  8. Keir


    ahh right, yeah thats a nice rolla, this thread is a bit pointless tho.
  9. Keir


    Link to the thread?
  10. Mine fit fine, I say get some nice 6x9's But I'd upgrade the headunit. The E11 is bar far the easiest car I've fitted head units in. Mine was £100 and it's got a USB port on the back, and a 40gig hard drive in the glove box :D No ****** about with CD's
  11. Keir

    Exhaust Help/query

    cool any pics, and how much did it cost in total?
  12. Mine was doing this (Corolla) Back not doing anything, but front wad fine, topped up the washer fluid and it started to work again. I put it down to pressure.