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  1. Could that be anything to do with the close ratio gear box and the fact the revs are up to 4000 when ur doin 80? I noticed that cos I do a bit of motorway driving...all is standard but I don't try and take it over 80 cos it starts gettin loud. I can't imagine what you boys setups are like wen ur doin 100+! I thought the silent Hi-power exhaust wasn't compatible with the t'sport model?! That's what I was originally lookin into gettin cos i'm not really a fan of extreme loudness - 22 and i'm an old man already! Anyone no what wud be one of the quieter exhausts at lower revs - and then when you o
  2. Ok peeps. This is my final final offer to anyone who is considering.... £260 for a brand new backbox which retails at £360, so your saving yourself £100! PLUS i'll throw in FREE DHL next day delivery! I need to get this sold so grab urself an absolute bargain and do something special for ur Yaris!!!!
  3. ok, I've managed to check out costs on delivery & I really need to get this sold! So if anyone is interested for £290 i'll throw in free delivery. It will go by DHL as they also compensate for any loss of damage should there be any. £290 + DHL Delivery free!
  4. Yeh, Stupidy I didn't think it would be a problem, but direct line don't insure on mods to anyone under 25.... Got absolutely schooled there! I looked at moving my insurance but I've got 2 years of recognised no claims when I was a named driver with Direct Line (don't think any other company do that). I may take another look at the idea later in the year, once my Bank a/c recovers from Xmas & new year!!!!
  5. lol, Cheers bud. Yeh, well next time i'm in Reading i'll be listening out for you beasting it around town! Come on peeps. Save yourself £70 off the list price and get it brand spanking new from meee! £290 as new
  6. Hi Peeps, Unfortunately due to Insurance Issues I'm unable to fit my sexy new Exhuast! Completely brand new in box. Selling for £290 I haven't looked into delivery costs yet, but if you want to save yourself the extra cost you can pick it up direct. I'm located in Sandhurst, Berkshire. (South of England) If you need pictures just let me know. Thanks, Ben
  7. Ok guys, thanks for the advice! I'm gonna do a run around of those insurers and see what kind a quotes I get back. Hang in there my precious little Yaris. Daddy will get you a much needed makeover real soon. wh00p!
  8. Hi Guys (and Gals) I was just wondering if any of you pros could point me in the right direction for a good Insurer if I'm wanting to Mod my T-sport. I'm currently with direct line, however because i'm only 21 they won't insure me if I want to mod my little pocket rocket So I basically have an exhaust & Air filter sitting at my house whilst the torment of not being able to fit them eats away at my Vegetating Brain!!!! Any help would be much appreciated! Ps. It would be for only 1 years no claims Thanks
  9. Whoa! Move over Michael Jackson. Now that is what White should really look like. Shamoa! Comin along nicely mate!
  10. I called up Envy performance to order my backbox and they said the HKS Silent Hi-Power woulden't fit on my t-sport I was left undecided and saddened, shivering like a cry baby under my sheets until I read this post. Armouredfist, you may just have been my knight in shining armour to my rescue! After listening to that clip the Fuji sounds quite aluring! - The reason I wanted the HKS so bad is because I do alot of motorway driving, and was thinking it perfect to keep the noise levels down when cruising... Any Idea whether the fuji will be too overwhelming for motorway usage?...... SAVE ME ARMO
  11. Lol. The horn is going to stand the test of time! It's like the heart of the car. And she WILL live on! Completely random question, but do you guys have a name for your car? I'm thinking along the lines of.... 'Clarice'. What do you think? Just rolls off the edge of your tongue eh. 'Clarice' ahhhh
  12. Mate, I personally think the green is mean! (no pun intended there! ) Don't be a sheep. Be the Wolf! Awoooo!
  13. Hi Guys, I recently invested in a Yaris T-Sport '04 model, Thunder Grey with only 14000 on the clock, and I must say that I am proud of my little beauty! Build quality is as expected from a Toyota. Not many people realise that even as standard she's a quick little car and rides really well! I'm such a happy newbie that I've decided, what the hell, Let's beast it up! Sooo... this is where I could use a little advice from the pros. I've currently decided to go for the following Items to start. Two of them are a dead cert as I've read some good reviews from you guys: - 1. Envy Cold Air Induction
  14. I was reading in one of the Aussie forums that apparently the Dastek Unichip becomes overridden over time and resorts back to it's original settings? This way you have to keep going back to get it remapped.....
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