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  1. I had this same problem - Oil light flashing on and off, topping up with oil but didnt help. I ended up getting the bottom end replaced under warranty - as it did seem to be burning oil.
  2. I was in the same boat as you, but my Aygo had only done 50,000 miles. Toyota warranty paid out to get the engine sorted. This surprises me as having a Toyota warranty has in my eyes been well worth the cost of extending passed the original 3 years (the car is now 7 year old)
  3. I'd be interested in obtaining a new rubber strip as well. I've looked on eBay, etc. but not actually asked a dealer yet.
  4. Looks like my ECU is on its way out. The light on the dash has been coming on now and again for the last couple of weeks. Had it serviced yesterday, the garage reset the ECU, but today it's come on again, this time I felt the steering go heavy. So do I get Toyota to replace the ECU costing near £400 or do I buy a second off eBay and have a go fitting it myself, looks relatively simple for a noob like me. Is it a simple swap and replace or does it need programming?? My Aygo is now 6 and half years old so I expect some things to go wrong.
  5. Did exactly the same as you. Leon fuel economy was costing me a fortune (this was 5yrs ago when petrol was not £1.40 a litre). Just had to change my driving style, still can be great fun, just at lower speeds. But with much lower costs, over the last 5 yrs maintenance and upkeep has been peanuts. Enjoy
  6. I know what you mean 'cheap as chips motoring', our Aygo is coming up to 6 year old, and over 40,000 miles. Just passed another MOT, apart from new pads and discs up front, and obviously a set of new boots, it's been the cheapest car we've ever had (touch wood).
  7. I think I might be due problems with this. Heard a whine coming from the engine bay over the last few weeks. Although it tends to go after a minute or two. Noticed the battery light coming on last night when it was making the noise.
  8. My clutch starting making strange sounds at the end of the warranty, so when I mentioned this to the garage, they swapped the clutch - seems early to me but not uncommon on Aygo's. All of my other cars have never needed a new clutch in my time owning them.
  9. I just paid £225 - but this included a brake fluid change - so probably £180/190 if I did not ask for the fluid
  10. Where I live is quite hilly, and setting off for work early morning with next to no traffic to channel out the snow proved hard work last year. Don't get me wrong the Aygo was so much better than loads of other cars on the road in snowy conditions but I did struggle for grip at times.
  11. Just had my 4yr service and the tyres are down to 3mm - not been feeling great in wet weather for the last few weeks, So based on last winter i thought id research tyres. Seems UK cars tend to use Summer tyres as standard, where as in countries with cold, icy winters they fit all season tyres. Anyone recommend an all season tyre (not a winter tyre - don't want to swap tyres at end of Feb).
  12. Doesn't sound too far fetched (well at least the brakes). My first set of front tyres were replaced at 25000. Front brakes a couple of thousand miles after that. Small front engined cars do tend to go through front tyres/brakes quickly in my experience.
  13. Looks really simple, mind me asking for a link/price for the armrest.
  14. The bodywork just around the lock is slightly indented - I would have though a hammer on the back would suffice, but according to Mr T this would not be enough for Toyota Paintwork Warranty.
  15. Well Mr T has come back with a price £900 Yep that's right, apparently that is for new parts, labour, VAT - including skimming the door???? Insurance Job