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  1. Thanks, I’ll read up this afternoon and do it tomorrow.
  2. I’ve just changed my iPhone and if the new phone has the same SIM card as the old phone will new phone need to be paired to car?
  3. Thanks to all for the replies and info. Brian
  4. Thanks for the reply I’ve just found it in the handbook. It is the same as on the Corolla I.e. 120w 10a.
  5. What can be feed from the 12v accessory socket on my 2019 Yaris Hybrid. I want to use a elect tyre pump to check the tyre pressure. I’ve looked around and not found much help. What would help me would be if anyone can say the max amps possible from the socket. Thanks Brian
  6. Drove to the local hospital this morning in temperatures below freezing so drove very carefully and checked MPG indicated on the in car display and it indicated 62 mpg. The journey 15 miles or so. I know this will not be as accurate as “full tank to full tank” but it’s an indication. Car is 2019 Yaris Hybrid Exel.
  7. In the case of an emergency in an area your not familiar with is there any indication on the Touch and Go sat nav that can give a map reference to emergency or breakdown services? I’ve looked and can’t find any. I’ve got “what three words” app on my phone so guess I can use that but nice to know if the sat nav can give a location. thanks
  8. Our current Yaris Hybrid doesn’t have parking sensors, I think there is a switch low down centrally on the dashboard
  9. I know my 2019 Yaris Hybrid was built in France but am unsure where the engine was manufactured any one on here any idea where?
  10. Thanks for your help MagicBoy. I had some spare time today and unzipped the files to a USB stick and downloaded To the car and all went well. Brian
  11. Before you put the USB stick in the car did you need to unzip the files? I’m sure I have had to unzip in the past as the files downloaded to my laptop but on completing purchase this time the three soft options were “ print activation code”, “download to USB” and “download instructions”. Thanks for any help
  12. If the car is a Hybrid the 12v battery does not start the engine the traction battery does so there is no great power demand on the 12v battery it’s used start the electronic systems.
  13. From memory I think in my Yaris hybrid you press the power button without pressing the brake pedal, you get sat nav and radio but car ice won’t start. Brian
  14. Why by pass the oil cooler? Maybe you live where it’s very cold.
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