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  1. When mine went recently it was all 3 together and it was accompanied by a CEL as well. Turned out to be a blown fuse in the end, but it sounds more like dead bulbs to me in your case as you still have one working light.
  2. But I did write the drag league table from scratch myself and I am the only one who knows how to update it, so as a parting present I might make a 13 second run up the strip ;) That'll give everyone something to chase! :D
  3. I work in IT for a very large company in London and I will be doing something similar but with more emphasis on management and design rather than developing :)
  4. Fear not, I am still in Blighty. The removal guys showed up today and took away all of my worldly posessions (apart from my car), but I have to hang around now until Nov 5th :(
  5. hahahaha yeah, I get a standard 20 days off + 13 public holidays. US holidays are an absolute shocker compared to the rest of the world.
  6. it's a 20 min job tops (unless you start snapping bolts of course) and if memory serves me you definitely need a long 10 for the job, so you may well be screwed there Chris.
  7. Once I get my permanent place sorted, I have issued an open invitation to people who know me. Also a lot of people are already asking me to set up an export business feeding the UK with 2ZZ-GE parts as they are far more popular state side than in the UK!
  8. Strangely enough, you hadn't been included in that list of helpful and friendly people I mentioned earlier :P You might be pleased to know you are king of the sarcasm list though ;)
  9. As quite a lot of you are aware, I am heading off to America shortly, so it is time to sell up and move on. And as the removal men are showing up tomorrow, I thought I'd say my farewells now. I got my CTS 4 years ago and I have loved owning and driving the car. There have been a core group of very helpful people here and I have honestly learnt a lot and hopefully I have provided some helpful information to others as well. I think the saddest thing of all is that because I will be living in Manhattan, I won't actually be buying a car once I get there, so I will most likely end up renting some classic Americana at weekends to go for drives etc. Peace out!
  10. And to completely round off the answer, some body parts from the FL will fit a PFL without any hassle (side skirts, rear bumper) whereas others like the front bumper requires a fair amount of money as all of the lights are different and would also need to be purchased.
  11. I have no idea about the ones on simplycarmats, but if you do want the TS logo ones, then drop parts-king on here a PM and he *should* be able to source them for you.
  12. Well you can always open up the rear casing on the instrument cluster and attack the speaker connections with a soldering iron ;) It's preyy easy to get the casing open as well.
  13. No it doesn't happen to all corollas. One question for you adrock11, did you fit the small rubber bung to the engine block? It is located in a very difficult spot between the intake pipe and the engine cover and is pretty hard to spot. If you could take some close up shots of all of the pipes and bungs on your typhoon, it might help us identify if anything is missing or in the wrong place. Also did you extend the MAF wires? If not, I can guarantee you a world of pain when they snap.
  14. The search feature is your bestest friend in the entire world Luke - and just to prove it..... Overhaul Part 2 Overhaul Part 3
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