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  1. Hi mate, did you get this sorted? If not, pm me and i may be able to help out.
  2. Get yourself a V6 in there, 3VZFE from a Camry.
  3. Toyota Altezza gearbox is RWD from a longditudinal engine. Would just need a custom very short driveshaft. It is expensive though. Best bet is an Audi 80 gearbox with an adaptor plate. That's how we're doing it on TB. B)
  4. Av jut signed in and seen your sig, no hassles.
  5. Is this an S51 transmission, ST162/182/202? How much are you after for the box? Cheers, Olie
  6. I'm from Glasgow and i have 2 mr2's in bits. :D
  7. Doune Hillclimb is on that weekend too, think there's an Mr2oc meet happening up there.
  8. Both of us wish this was true.
  9. We'll be joining you's, few from TB at Bothwell services. Just keep your eye out for "The Imposter".
  10. I'll give you a shot of my brakes Ryan. They're grrrrrrreat! That Yaris did surprise me though, nice one. Was good to meet everyone and it was a nice wee drive. Next time i'll have the V6 to take up. After sitting behind Mr Sherry's on the way up and the noise it produces it'd be freakin rude not to. Car still smells of apples a bit mind you :censor: