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  1. Hey, Did you sell this or is it still available? Cheers
  2. Hi, Has anyone seen my old 4agze Corolla about in the last couple of years? I think it went to ireland but not 100% sure. Trying to track it down Picture of the car
  3. ferrariboy11 You are a fool for posting on a Toyota site that you dont like Toyota's Frankly anyone that puts a Ferrari Body kit on a MR2 has issues. I suggest you find another website to play the fool on.
  4. Dude, thats awesome and I am just selling the mini! ill get back to you!
  5. Just listen to a radio or check the television on Sunday then...................they will have remembered true, but its all in Spanish That possibly is the funniest thing I have ever read on toc... So what your saying is that the "time" display in spain the numbers are in spanish like seis cuarenta uno for 6:41 or dieciocho cuarenta uno for the 24 hour clock 18:41? that right?
  6. I still have a chrome pair from my 86 left over :D I might be willing to part with them for some ££
  7. Dude thats awesome! I hope it works! looks like a tight fit!
  8. Do you have any www. links so I can find some please? I think it boils down to "Opinions are like ***** holes, everyone’s got one but I don’t necessarily need to see yours!" Mods are here to keep the club within the T&C's. The club *used to have a bit more of a Excessive Moderating Nanny Forum about it I will agree but I think it has got better! If thread or any other like it wont be closed as it's good to air all this stuff, If there are problems then they only get fixed by people talking! So unless Steve closes the thread or people start to bad mouth TOC it will stay open and hopefully people will air all the probs and then we can fix it.
  9. Dont bother dude go for a 4agze instead, 20v is cool but you will be left wanting more in the ae111! Charger is better and more bang for your ££ the wires will be a pain in either conversion
  10. Check out www.toyoshop.nl they have a load of stuff for the ae111 also www.fensport.co.uk haave TTE body kit and G6 grill you can buy from them
  11. Got a pic of your motor? Depends on light style setup and what engine you have, g6 is 1.3 and has a rev counter if you dont have a rev counter allready it wont fit
  12. 4AGE Type's - Very early big port TVIS 16 valve, with black lettering & 6-bolts holding the flywheel on. - Big port TVIS FWD/RWD 16 valve, usually with blue lettering on the cam cover and 'TVIS' on the inlet plenum. - Big port TVIS FWD 16 valve, with red lettering. They have a seven-rib block with oil-squirters. - Small port non-TVIS FWD valve. - Silvertop 20 valve. Early & late type, minor variations in inlet system & VVT operation. - Blacktop 20 valve. - Early supercharged 4AGZE, low compression big port head, distributor. - Mid-aged supercharged 4AGZE, higher compression big port head, crank angle sensor type ignition. - Late supercharged 4AGZE, higher compression small port head, crank angle sensor type ignition. More information on these engines below. http://www.billzilla.org/4agstock.htm Very handy site and should answer all your questions
  13. The g6 is 1.3 and the g6r is 1.6 both engines are 4afe the SR 1.6 has the same engine 4afe also but 5 speed. The G6r & Sr both have the same 0-60 times.
  14. Cheers I am now closer to 30.... ahhhh
  15. Nice mate looks clean! Kinda makes me miss mine....
  16. Thats the thing with the ae111 it's a good car the engines just :censor: you might as well just buy another car if you want more power the 4afe is very limited and not worth spending loads of cash on the normall exhaust, airfilter will give you a bit more grunt but you will never get any massive power gains. So unless you want to change the engine sell the car and buy a model with better bhp to start with! I did see some 4afe's with turbos I know of a kit out there but I dont think anyone in the UK has fitted it yet it's about 2kish and would give 150bhp? then again you can buy a 94 civic with that as standard!
  17. Would like to see more pictures of the engine see if you can get some The whole setup just looks weird to me
  18. Just rust mate check in the boot in the side pockets under the car drivers and passenger footwells, they are prone to rust if the car has not been looked after. Other then that if you find one and it's in good condition buy it!
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