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  1. got to agree certainly sounds like earth or a lead poor connection .
  2. Make sure the wiper arm pivot isn't seizing put a bit of oil on the pivot and work it back to get the lube in.as the washer jet make sure you haven't got a split or loose pipe causing a loss of pressure thus a weak spray jet.
  3. Hi when are we going to see the dyno graph think alto of compressor owners would like to see.
  4. one common issue is the exhaust front pipe inside a part comes loose and vibrates when accelerating and sometimes when decellerating .the weld detaches inside and vibrates.
  5. That's impressive .can you post your dyno graph .what torque did you get with the 250bhp.must pull really well mine running 236bhp and that's a big improvement to standard.
  6. get a set of coil overs why pay silly money to toyota when you could by a full set of coil overs for the the same price .mine did the same best thing i did was fit a set of bc coilovers handling much improved
  7. the suspension on the compressor is not the same as the tsport and god are parts expensive .if anything goes just buy a full coil over kit its nearly the price of one rear shocker
  8. cant be done its either fit a stand alone mapable ecu or you could get a piggy back ecu and then have it set up .mines got a unichip piggy back ecu fitted .
  9. hi could be a wheel bearing check by giving them a spin listening for noise .but at the same time observe your tyre run out .i had this on my compressor and it was tyres causing noise if you spin the wheel watch the tyre for uneven runout the tread kicks up and down and causes a droning noise which sounds like a wheel bearing.
  10. you have a dip stick on the end of the filler when you unscrew it you will see it .the supercharger doesn,t take a lot of oil as its only to lubricate the gears at the end not the whole supercharger.
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