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  1. Woa! How time flies, I thought I would drop in on you guys and say hello!
  2. Nice work, they were the days! Enjoy it, and nice work Dawesy, hope you are well. Nad
  3. [sounds like you are nearly there with the wiring. I had this problem when I spliced the 4AGZE wiring loom into my AE86 replacing the old 4AGE loom, engine ran but rough with odd bang. Turned out it was the B1 and B2 connections to the ECU that were the wrong way round. These are the 12V+ feeds that come into the ECU. Obviously, the 12v+ feed is switch differently from B to B2 etc.. from the ignition and tells the ECU the difference from cranking and running. That may be a good place for you to start, ensure you don’t have a B1 wire going to B2 in the ECU for example. If I lived closer I would have given you a hand. Regards Nad
  4. I was interested in owning one of these until I found out the following; 1. Supercharger does not have an Intercooler 2. Supercharger does not use an electronic clutch 3. How do you run forced induction on such a high compression engine? 4. Brakes not upgraded 5. I blew one away not so long ago too easily Nad
  5. I've seen that one too, looked well nice. Is it true that the second exhaust pipe is a dummy??
  6. Sri Dont pay the dealers for a new ECU, they will tell you they need to replace it which is true. However, the dealers do not know how to put the ECU to virgin state again. This will enable you to reprogram the Keys using your ignition. I can do this for you, however you would need to send me your ECU so I can reset it for you. Nad
  7. Turbocharging the 4AGE seems to be fairly straight forward so long as you do not run more than 6 Psi, beyond that and you are in a different territory. Many things to consider and compensate for which are otherwise taken for granted in the 4AGZE, thats why it's popular to do the swap. HKS only did the Twincharge kit for the AW11 SC as far as I know, don't think anything was available for the normally aspirated AW11. Good luck, will help where I can. Nad
  8. OriRacer I could put you in touch with an old Toyota whiz friend of mine who works in a garage in Edinburgh. He did alot of the Twincharger work for me on my AE92. Let me know and I will pass on the contact details. Nad
  9. I’m sure you can use your existing gearbox mated to the 4AGZE, however I’m not 100% sure, if so you can use your existing driveshafts. If you don’t have the 4AGZE manifold and downpipe, you will need to use your 4AGE items. The Alternator and Starter motors are definitely different, so make sure you have them. In order to complete the conversion, ensure you have these items as a bare minimum; 4AGZE Engine 4AGZE SC12 Supercharger unit 4AGZE ECU 4AGZE Wiring Loom (make sure Supercharger Relay is attached/included) 4 wire Oxygen sensor for exhaust downpipe MAP Sensor (If the 4AGZE is the MAP version) AFM Sensor (If the 4AGZE is the AFM version) Ignitor One pair of Coil Packs 4AGZE Top-mounted Intercooler Levin Bonnet Scoop (If using the 4AGZE top-mount intercooler) May also require; 4AGZE Gearbox (including clutch assembly) 4AGZE Driveshafts Good luck, been there like Knowles, enjoyed it and now in the past….do miss it though. Nad
  10. Hi John Hope you are well my friend. Yes, I owned the vehicle for 11 years, I was just 24 when I took possesion of it. I have to admit, even being a grown man, I felt like I'd given something away which had been a big part of my life. I have much history and good memories associated with that car, I just hope it goes to someone who will look after it. Its funny how we get attached to metal. I will still be uploading the updated website up, Im still around and available to help anywhere I can. I have some spare bits lying around too, I will PM you John, let me know what you want and you can just take them off my hands for spares just in case? It would be a shame to throw them, and at least I know you will put them bits to proper use. The AE86 will be awesome when it's ready, however, it wont be a patch on my FWD twinny!! The missus has already started to bring in conservatory brochures, my life is obviously over lol! Nad
  11. Guys Just letting you know that I finally let the Twinny go this Saturday afternoon just gone. Put the car up in eBay on the Friday morning, got about 20 messages in just a day full of offers. One Irish chap however insisted on taking the car the next day in spite of jobs I had outstanding to get the car 100%. We agreed on a price and he turned up the next day, didnt even test drive it or check it out properly, virtually spent 5 mins at my pad and was in a rush to catch the ferry home. Did'nt care for a reciept, I could'nt give him the MOT, Log docs or Road Tax since it was at DVLA to transfer my plate to Retention cert - still he said he was a good judge of character and said he trusted me - took the car. The last time I saw it - it was pulling away fast after showing him the way to the M56 boo hoo! It now lives in Ireland. Had to let it go, it was wanting much time to maintain it which I just dont have anymore. Anyway, thought I would let you lot know. Still have my RWD AE86 though, turboed and TRD'd - ready soon and wild as cherries. Nad
  12. Hi There In answer to your questions; 1) All 7AFE engines are more or less the same, the ECU's may be different however and not an issue. 2) Stock internals will be ok for 6 Psi, anything above that and you are in a different world requiring stronger internals and better fuelling. Lastly, you will still be able to use this kit if you decide to go 4AGZE in the future to run more power! Nad
  13. I can re-program your ECU to accept new keys if it helps. Nad
  14. Hi Its a common fault and to do with the actual ignition barrel. Theres a plastic piece in the barrel with a raised section. After time the raised section chips away, its fine until it gets to the starter motor key position where the barrel is spring loaded and the plastic piece just slips and therefore cant engage the circuit for the starter. I can get the part number for you if you want, costs around £50 with the VAT fro Toyota. Nad
  15. Sorry guys You all gave me some appreciated feedback and I am in the process of updating the website since you all had kind words to contribute. I will let you all know when the revisions are uploaded to the server for all to see. Nad
  16. Guys Im thinking of totally bringing my website which has been static for a good three years fully up to date and possibly re-vamp it too. Thing is, do you guys think it will get much use? The reason I ask is simply because I dont want to put time and effort into it if no one is visiting it or even interested. It would be nice to get the forum rolling again too, used to be quite a busy place at one time. I've got tons of material to go on, including DIY guides but need to know it will be of use to someone. I was wanting to make it a resource for all 4AGZE related items. I would also like to add more 3SGTE stuff but my knowledge here is limited (Sorry Dawesy - will give you a call over the weekend mate). Jon (AE111SR), could you please drop me a quick message with contact details? Just wanted to catch up with you, hope you are well. Anyway, just a thought, its just a shame all this material is not being utilised. Nad
  17. What is the model of the car in question? Are none of the Transponder keys working?
  18. Hi Lee Glad you are well mate. I’m impressed that you are undertaking much of the work yourself, it’s the only real way to ensure things are done to your expected standard. I paid £2,500 for a complete bare-block re-spray two years ago now. Whilst the finish was perfect, I’m a bit miffed that the rust on the rear arches has started to come through so quickly, especially since I was clear about having them treated. Shame you are down in the midlands otherwise I’m sure I could pick up a tip or two from you. My bodywork skills are not great, but I’m wanting to learn, can’t be that difficult. The Twinny is running fine, although Im seriously starting to consider junking the F-CON piggy-back system for a stand-alone, and throw some 550cc injectors into the engine too so I can run some more boost. No point in having a T4/T3 if you cant use it to its full potential! At the moment the car seems to be running rich, however this seems to be a problem with all factory Toyota ECU’s from that era. I know that AE111sr (John) has gone MoTeC and is pleased with the results, that may be the best way for me too, Im sure John wont mind me having his Map for me to start from. Anyway, drop me a message with a contact number, Parisa (my 2 year old daughter) chucked my mobile down the toilet last year and I lost your number! Nad
  19. Nice work Lee, The GT-4 bonnet is looking very cool and a clue to what lies beneath. I really did not know that the GT-4 bonnets were made of aluminium, interesting. Are you doing all the work yourself? I take it you are going to re-spray the car in silver all over? How are your rear arches holding up? Mine are still the original items but are really starting to rust away now, paint is starting to bubble up too around the arch. Im not sure if I can salvage these or if it is better to grind them off and replace them? Im sure you will like the GXi bumper, but I would seriously consider cutting off the slats like I have done to give it a more aggressive look. The Postert splitter finishes the job off. I also modified the front-bottom of the wings to mate with the bumper ends flush, I can send you images if you want. Let me know if you manage to find any fogs (apart from Toyota) that actually fit in those holes, these also make good brake cooler ducts. I finally managed to find time to fit those Indiglo Dials from JMB, but also added red surface mount LEDs under the needles and red paint to make the needles easy to see against the white dials. Nad
  20. Guys I forgot to make a note of the rest positions of the needles on my instrument cluster before I removed the needles from the dials. Now I need to know where the needle rest position (when ignition is off) is on the following dials (images would be great); Oil Pressure Water Temp Battery Thanks Nad
  21. Its true that you will always be able to make the same power from a 4AGZE using a Turbo only setup rather than Twincharge, but what you wont get with a Turbo only application is the massive torque curve and zero Turbo lag which is characteristic of a Twincharge setup. HKS recently unveiled their prototype Honda Integra Twincharger, this baby make 400bhp all day long. I guess Twincharging is still a viable option if you can make it work. Having had my Twincharger for around 4 years now I would say that the only people that junk the SC to run with Turbo only are those who never got it to run properly. There is not a lot of knowledge of Twincharging the 4AGZE within the community, and there is a reason for it. Not many people have managed to do it properly, this is down to lack of knowledge and people not wanting to go down the expensive road of trial and error. Further more, I am running a T4/T3 hybrid turbo on my 4AGZE, and there is no way the 4AGZE can spool that baby without assistance from the SC – I have tried this, the turbo is just too big for the 1600cc engine. There is no way I will ever junk the SC in favour of a Turbo only setup, have a sit in my Twincharger and you will understand quickly why. Turbocharging the 4AGE 20V is a very expensive and difficult path to take, especially since the 4AGZE would produce very similar results but with more reliability and less expense. For a good reliable, cheap (meaning cheapest!) power, the options are 4AGZE, 4AGTE and 3SGTE – don’t look at any other options for a Corolla.
  22. I meant to make it to JAE but commitments made it impossible. Would have been nice to catch up with AE111sr and Dawesy. Anyone got any photos?
  23. You can mate the G6R gearbox to the 4AG but not without modifying the bell-housing with means of a sandwich plate. I know someone who did mate a G6 gearbox successfully to his 7AGZE (4AGZE head with 7AFE block - hybrid!). However, I really dont think its worth all the work. Whether the box can take the torque from the 4AGZE long term is unlikely. The 4AGZE gearbox is bulletproof and houses a bigger clutch than the 4AGE gearbox. Nad
  24. Its looking good John - thats a nice shiny disc! Got your mail about the MoTeC setup, well done for leading the way and showing us it can be done. I think it was money well spent. Time for Turbo soon me thinks..... How can you say you have no life when you drive a motor like that??
  25. So a car that was brand new inturn was then never used! As for Servo, are you sure its not a pipe/hose/tube blocked going into it/out of the servo housing (especially if car has been stood) Also you did remember to clean rust off inside face of disc as well? ← Yes, the car was involved in an accident, then laid in someones yard for almost two years - only has 50 miles on the odo and looks it. I did clean the inside of the discs too, never thought about a blockage in the pipes though. I will check that thanks. Nad
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