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  1. Thanks guys! For your information its a saloon... I'll be on the phone later sourcing these parts... (forum already proving invaluable!)
  2. Hello all, I was after some assistance in sourcing new body panels for my 92' carina II. Does anyone know of any companies out there where you can get new body panels (front wings & splitter specifically) as finding these parts via breakers is proving difficult. I've talked to my local Toyota dealer and they were not very helpful unfortunately! Also i'm after a set of Toyota alloy wheels from this era as the standard steels look far too narrow. I was thinking carina e might fit and not look out of place. I would like to keep some sort of originality to the thing! any assistance is appreciated! thanks! Bloitus
  3. hello all! i've just found my login details from back in 2006 (although i don't ever remember signing up!) Have had our carina 2 in the family since 92 and its in come time for a bit of TLC... hopefully over the next few months will be fixing/restoring a few niggles its developed over the last 18 years (158k miles). On the list for attention are: Radiator (needs replacing, seriously there are no cooling vanes left at all) Rear suspension (shockers & ARB) Body work (replace front wings due to rust and both bumpers due to age (plastic has cracked)) Interior Fan switch (only works on full blast) Interior High Level Brake Light (never worked!) Rear Passenger window motor Wiper Arms and a kick ***** radio (can only get local radio atm!!) Cheers Bloitus!
  4. found my login details!