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  1. Service history is of course useful That importer sounds like a prat. The history would have mileage and years on it that are easily read (even when the rest is in Jap) so at least you know if its been serviced regularly. And an MOT and SVA doesn't mean the car has been well looked after either. I've seen some right sheds that have gone through both tests. I'd keep looking...
  2. As Maleborn says make sure it's been SVA'd etc and is ready to go. Also, ask for a copy of the auction sheet and make sure it has a good full japanese service history. If you get the auction sheet and can't work any of it out give me a shout and I'll help. The sheet will tell you what grade of condition the interior and exterior was in at auction and will show any marks on the bodywork etc so you'll know if the importers had it repaired before you had seen it.
  3. The 4ws still works in reverse which is why theres the Rev/4ws button on the dash to switch it off when reversing. I found it made reversing easier and couldn't really tell much difference so if it's making parking difficult you may have a problem.
  4. Know what you mean. My Skylines arrived in the country now and I'm already spending money on it! Nice Supra coming soon here www.seafordcarimports.com on the stock pages
  5. You selling up as well? What you getting next Maleborn?
  6. That sounds like a great price for a 1999 one! landhippy, not interested in a 1994 then? Link below...
  7. They do seem a bit overpriced for the high mileage in my opinion. Keep looking theres loads around at the moment.
  8. Not a spot of rust on mine thanks to the Jap weather!
  9. Mine was dyno'd at 165 at the hubs so with transmission losses that should be 185-190 ish (most people seem to reckon for around 30bhp losses through a front wheel drive) at the flywheel. I reckon I could easily up that another 10 or so as I don't have a decat and by adding something like the Top Fuel spacer should see over 200 at the flywheel no problems. As has been said you could add the HKS cams and cam gears and get over 200 but it won't be cheap. Mine runs beautifully and gives a 190 a very good run for its money as it is which is why I've not bothered taking it further, and its now for sale to be replaced with something turbo'd. Other solution would be to buy an SS3 with a Beams engine as they're around 200 as standard.
  10. Mine are speedline. They've got a website here: http://www.speedlinecorse.co.uk/info/index.htm They're nice and light, but if you really want them why not just buy my car instead ;)
  11. pics of my Gen6 at the for sale link below....
  12. Is it an import? If so it could still be limited to 112mph
  13. Best to replace all the bolts anyway so when it comes to MOT time it's nice and easy to swap back over again! The rusty ones can be a pain in the ***** as maleborn says...
  14. That's lovely! Top choice, always liked the classic Celi!
  15. Blitz are fine (if a bit pricey) I prefer Apexi as they're reckoned to filter the air better (but aren't as noisy as Blitz).
  16. Spiralize


    Yep theres a big spring underneath that hooks to a metal hook at the back left and something further forwards (not sure what). Sorry thats so vague, but if you don't see a large (almost inch diameter) spring then that'll be the problem.
  17. I wouldn't have thought the NA would need oil changed quite that regularly, but then I do my NA Celica every 5k anyway. Try http://www.seafordcarimports.com Good friends of mine and can import whatever you want...
  18. GT-R ST182 - no 4ws GT-R ST183 - with 4ws GT-R ST183c - convertible with 4ws All have the 3SGE engine (approx 156bhp in that gen).
  19. D'oh, pics: http://www.artemis.bm/misc/ss2_front.jpg http://www.artemis.bm/misc/ss2_rear.jpg
  20. 1994 SS2 3SGE engine. Silver. Speedline lightweight 17's. Apexi induction kit. Jasma approved stainless exhaust. Aftermarket plugs/leads. May have other engine mods as it ran 165bhp at the hubs recently on a dynopack, CAT still installed. It's got a gratuitous vacuum guage which was on it when it was imported. Alpine headunit and six disc changer. Rear GT4 strut brace (front standard strut brace). Uprated KYB shocks, ROC lowering springs (lowered 40mm). Clifford Concept 300 Cat 1 alarm. And thats about it. Interiors in really good nick and only a few stone chips on outside. 40,000 miles from new. Am going to stick a new MOT on it in the next couple of weeks. If you want to know more e-mail me...
  21. Well I will be selling mine in mid October, but seeing as I live near Brighton I may be a bit far away from you. PM me if you want details anyway.
  22. If you want the ST20* models (four round headlights) then you either want a ST202 SS2/GT (SS2 being the JDM equivalent of a UK GT) or an ST205 GT4 (turbo 4wd version). The imports have slightly more horsepower but otherwise no major differences. I'd go for an import as you generally get lower mileage and a few mods already done. If you're interested my SS2 will be for sale very soon. I've got a Skyline on the way from Japan which arrives mid October so mine has to go then. It's a 1994, just gone over 40,000 miles. Got a few mods and been dyno'd at 165bhp at the hubs recently.
  23. Try contacting www.seafordcarimports.com A well respected importer who'll source whatever you want, they'll register and get it on the road for you as well if needed.
  24. K&N are a decent make and the price looks okay to me too!
  25. Poor car Fizz ;) Is it having counselling??? :)
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