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  1. Installing Dashmount Cradle on RAV4.3 Difficulty - Easy Time - 15 minutes. Tools - Trim Removal Tool; Philips P1 Screwdriver Introduction Secure mounting of portable devices such as Sat-Nav units, 'Safety Camera' detectors, etc are important to avoid loose gadgets potentially flying around the cabin. The windscreen sucker fitments can work well, but they have a tendency to vibrate due to the flexible goose-neck these holders often have, and a solid bracket usually work best. The Dashmount is one of the two most popular brackets (The Brodit being the other). T
  2. Difficulty - Medium Time - About an hour Tools - ideally a trim tool (but I actually used a modified bracket from a Billy Bookcase with tape to protect the car trim!), 10mm socket and suitable driver, Introduction This procedure will first cover the Physical Installation of the Product; and the second part will cover its use. Physical Installation This part will follow the fitting of the genuine Toyota interface, P/N PZ473-00267, which was purchased from Lindop Bros Toyota for use with a 2011 RAV4 SR fitted with the B9017 Sat-Nav/CD/HDD Head Unit D
  3. There are basically two stages to having a reversing/backup camera working on a car. 1) The Camera itself - choices tend to be surface mount type, mounted on a bracket, or flush-mounted, in the same way as Reversing Sensors are installed 2) The Display showing the camera image - some top Audio HUs (Head Units) had the ability to accept a reversing camera; An alternative way is to fit a small dedicated monitor to display the image. This post describes how to install a flush-mounted camera on a RAV4.2 and connection to a Full Screen Audio unit with reverse camera connection featur
  4. Difficulty - Medium Time – 45 Minutes Tools - 12mm Sockets, PZ2 Pozidrive Screwdriver, Flat blade Screwdriver, Pliers, Trim removal tool or thin blade (scraper, etc) wrapped with tape to protect, Protective blanket (to rest bumper on) Frequency – As required. Introduction To access a number of components, it is necessary to remove the bumper. This is a description of how that can be done on a RAV 4.2 2003-2006 Model (Round Fog light version). The RAV4.2 2000-2003 Model (Square Fog lights) looks to be identical but I cannot guarantee t
  5. I got a full tank of fuel when I picked up my last RAV (but I did make it a condition of the sale as I drove over 300 miles to get it and said I needed the fuel to get home again )
  6. Alls well that ends well by the sound of it. Nice early Christmas pessie for your RAV
  7. Don't assume it is a central fault necessarily. I don't know for sure, but the door switches are likely to be quite exposed to the elements inside the pillar? I know it is not a RAV4, but I have a VW T4 of a similar vintage to your RAV and I had exactly the same issue - PLUS ... the lights-on buzzer didn't work either (these are usually operated by the door switch). On my T4, I took out the switches and cleaned up the slight corrosion with one of the brushes you get with a Dremel (you could use a bit of abrasive paper or even an nail emery board) and voila! lights working on both door openings
  8. I expected a lot worse outcome then that, I cannot deny, having heard plenty of general insurance horror stories, so I was totally impressed with the service AND the speed of settlement. I was with AXA and would fully recommend them based on this experience.
  9. I am now a fan of GAP having benefited from it significantly when my car was nicked earlier this year. However ... I don't think this would be all doom and gloom if he does not have it. When my car was stolen - a July 2011 SR 150 which I'd owned for 19 months - , my insurance company offered me a settlement figure (£19k+) that would actually have got me back in an identical RAV or possibly a little newer or less miles (and that is ignoring GAP). the GAP settlement on top would have actually got me in a brand new 2013 RAV4.4 if I so wanted, so while GAP would be good in that situation, no GAP i
  10. A new car is always nice to have, but cannot fault your logic there Charlie. I wonder if January/February would be a good time to change? Xmas just been so money is tighter to spend on new cars, but the winter is still very present, so demand for 4x4s a few years older is strong? As an aside, I have a 2013 car with all the goodies, and a 2000 VW with Power Steering and that's about it, but I enjoy driving the VW just as much for some weird reason :)
  11. That is a good point. Plenty of people around pretending to represent companies they don't really.
  12. And Hoovie appreciates the answer given :) (must admit I was surprised at the provider of said response, but only as I thought he would have been too young to know )
  13. Never really got the hang of negotiating buying and selling cars TBH :( usually end up paying the sticker price pretty much! My last car was an ex-demo and I did manage to get £750 off the price and it did feel like I was drawing blood out the salesman, but I think most likely probably overpaid about £2k in hindsight! Doing a bit of maths to see what the profit dealer would end up on a Part-Ex ..... I believe dealers have to pay VAT on the difference between what they buy a car in for and what they sell it for. So if a typical car is bought for £7k and sold for £9.5k, the dealer loses £500 str
  14. Maybe you would have got a quicker answer if you had posted it in the General Forum...........But you will never know ;)Top man Raistlin :)........You deserve more stars ;) Oh, I think if I posted it in there, I would have received AN answer. One. Ein. Uno. Un. You don't get a DISCUSSION when then is a single response, so I posted in the place where I knew I would get answerS ;) I would suggest a little test where I post the same question in GD and see what response I get, but TBH I don't trust that a few PMs won't go out asking select members to go down the dusty road and post a reply :D
  15. I fitted mine similar to Gust (I think it was his post that I copied basically - little reminder to anyone who does same ... The roof console is VERY firmly attached! I used a claw hammer to pull it down :) )
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