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  1. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1655...mp;id=857095592 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1655...mp;id=857095592 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1655...mp;id=857095592 http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1655...mp;id=857095592 Type R's are faster than t sports thats just life very little in it all you have to do is do a few little mods and away you go people I thought sack this and bought myself a 2000 e39 M5...Type R's????? what type R's? But i do miss my t sport its a super car!
  2. Well i'm another one who has sold the T sport. I had her for nearly 2 years and i can definately say that it was the best car i've owned done so much with the car and it never let me down and i was completely gutted to see her go. Its only the fact that i've changed to a BMW e39 M5 that has stopped me from crying at night........ i completely miss the fuel economy only getting about 15mpg at the moment but the feeling of 400bhp underneath your right foot does make up for it. But seriously i do miss the kick of the t sport its such a completely rounded car. Although the M5 is emensly fast and p
  3. Well this is a decision i have though so long and hard over but i think i have to do it. I've been pondering about changing my t sport for a while now not that there is anything wrong with mine still love it to bits. Been thinking of changine to a facelift t sport then decided a compressor is what i want but the next car is hopefully going to be A BMW (e39) M5. i've always had a deep passion for m5's and its one of those now or never situations. I've found a couple and going to look at weekend. one garage has said £3500 for my t sport. Right its 2002 red 3dr full service history by toyota. but
  4. Hello all well i have bought one of those from ebay and it took a few weeks to come and to be honest wasn't really expecting a great deal from it as it doesn't look as chunky etc but i must say i was totally surprised with the reults its absolutely fantastic ,one of my mates has the original facelift t sport one and there isn't a difference when we swapped. Go for it for the price i'm not saying its the best strut around but certainly for the money and hey........ i took my t sport round the Nurburgring, give it some hammering and the strut did great very happy so you could say its been prope
  5. I'm up fot that karl i'll be there lets get this done properly!!!
  6. i really really want to come too i'll be here defo as my car is finished now. Going to the nurburgring this sunday so hopefully if it don't snott it into the armco i'll be at the next meet may sounds good
  7. Sorry mate how old r u 17-18.............guess i'm going to regret this but i can't stand spoilt rich kids. Your dad was so kind as to buy u a near 10k car you got it for free done loads to it and now you want to get something better........just think thats a bit out of order :ffs: If you were my kid i spent 10k on car for you then u siad i want something better already i'd say why don't you go get somewhere to live first and understand what it takes to live in the world but if thats the upbringing you've had then i can't blame you if you want it and then mum and dad get it whats stopping you
  8. I'm not surprised mate good choice for the new car! Whats happened with the compressor???? I know i'm going to upset a few compressor owners here but i think more cts owners will agree. I was sitting in a toyota dealer about to sign for a brand new red compressor but opted out at the last minute. I just think toyota got it completely wrong with the compressor. The cts is so much fun and is what it is. Some car mags slag it off but i think they miss the point on it. But when they wanted to change it by adding a compressor it just lost all identity all together. they only made 250 so this to me
  9. What i like to see someone who takes pride in their ride! i know i clean mine at least once a week OCD??? Could be i don't care hahaha Black looks the nuts after a good polish pitty it don't stay like it for a while. Have u looked up auto glym lifeshine? Should be £200 but i got i genuine kit off ebay for £25 now that is good! Good job maate
  10. Hey guys well after leaving the Navy i have now the money and the time more importantly to get myself with a few mates to the famous Nurburgring for the last weekend of this month. I am looking to you lot for any tips which you have. I'm trying to get my car race ready as it were and so far i have K&N Typhoon front strut brace, Cat back sports exhaust, TTE lowering springs and just shelled out on 4 Goodyear Eagle F1s. To be done soon............I have some black diamond front drilled and grooved or just drilled not sure front discs coming with EBC pads. And also when Garage was fitted the
  11. Sorry guys i've had a mare with my car friday and i have been without her all weekend. I went to get my tte springs fitted on friday but they found that the bearing that susport the front shocks are completely worn and not safe to drive so waiting for new parts coming thursday and hopefully she'll be fully fit haha. Again sorry for the no show but didn't think i'd fit in well in my girlfriends micra!
  12. After i fitted mine i noticed quite a difference stop most flat spots and seemed to pull away quicker through the revs. Probably a bit different for each car.......... mine has a sports exhaust too so maybe it works better in conjuntion with something like that i'm not sure but defo worth the money! And yes will fit compressor no problems!
  13. Congradulations! You can paid for our lunch! Yeah nice one chris see u next sunday just a quick one mate.. just bought some tte lowering springs from ebay how easy is it to change them? I also got a workshop manual from ebay sort of cd with diagrams and that one but it just has an exploded picture of the front and rear suspension is it just for you guys or can anyone try their hand at it bare in mind i work on aircraft so not a stranger to spanners just need some decent notes to work from. My email if u have any info is jrogan7@yahoo.co.uk just want to get them fitted before our get togethe
  14. I'm out in Liverpool Saturday night and also playing footy sunday. but sunday is good how about one or half one then me and chris can definitely make it if its ok with you guys!
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