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  1. Ihope new & prospective T180 owners enjoy their cars as much as I enjoy my T180 Tourer. My local dealer is excellent too. :)
  2. I've had my company car T180 Tourer for 13 months. It's now covered over 37,000 miles and is still on the original tyres. The motor is very strong & averages 43mpg, mid-range acceleration is very impressive. My car has been 100% reliable and unlike Audi/VW or BMW diesels I have owned, the T180 doesn't burn oil. I'm very pleased.
  3. I have had a T180 Tourer since October 2006. I'm now approaching 26,000 miles and continue to be delighted with the car.
  4. As you say, it's a safety feature. I don't know of any way to enter/change a destination when you are on the move. I think the transition happens at around 5 mph.
  5. I sympathise as I found the lower powered Avensis diesels somewhat 'tame' - although the demo cars were very low mileage. The same applied to the Passat 140bhp and 407 136bhp diesels. These are big, heavy cars and the respective manufacturers have introduced more powerful diesel versions for good reason. My T180 Tourer is anything but dull & dreary IMO, but of course it would cost a lot more to move to a T180 than to tune your existing car. I really enjoy the availability of a good amount of torque at fairly low revs and find the car very easy to 'make progress' in. There are many web sites offering plug-in boxes for diesel tuning, I've never tried them but I'm sure there are plenty of others on this site who can share their experience. Just a few thoughts, hope they help in some way. ;)
  6. Sorry to hear of your misfortune Bristol. There's so much traffic on the roads these days and the general standard of driving leaves much to be desired IMHO. Hope you enjoy trouble-free motoring from now on.
  7. I can only say that my T180 Tourer arrived within 7 days of ordering in October 2006.
  8. I guess your perception of the car would depend on what you are comparing it to. I notice you have an automatic, the diesels aren't available as autos. If you're thinking of changing it's probably worth trying the cars you are interested in. Your needs & preferences will be unique to you and the same applies to each of us. I tried the 150bhp 2.2 and found I wanted more grunt. Having said that, the demo car was very new and I was moving from a 150bhp BMW diesel. I ended up with a T180 Tourer and I've been delighted with the car. There will be plenty of people on this site who are very happy with the 150bhp 2.2 D-4D. Might be worth pointing out that a couple of colleagues have new Passat TDi cars and they have both had numerous problems with suspension, water leaks, rattles. Neither of them likes the button operated/automatic parking brake either. I can't comment as I haven't driven the Passat. Maybe it's time to look around if you fancy a change? ;)
  9. I'm usually on the motorway within 2 miles of leaving home so I haven't noticed any warm up issues. My T180 Tourer has now covered almost 18,000 miles since October and all is well. Warms up the car interior nice and quickly. I don't think you have anything to worry about.
  10. In case anyone hasn't yet heard the news. Tesco drained/flushed all the unleaded tanks at affected outlets and re-filled with 'clean' petrol. They have also issued a national statement with contact numbers offering to compensate people with cars affected by the contaminated fuel. There are full page adverts with the Tesco contact details in today's national press so it's worth checking a newspaper if your car was affected. The BBC Radio news I heard this on didn't say anything about Morrisons or any other fuel outlets involved.
  11. Form your own opinions on this. A police motorcyclist explained to me that the high centrifugal forces created when a wheel revolves distributes the tyre-sealing liquid evenly so it doesn't matter if there is a weight bias on the tyre - the fitter should have addressed this with wheel weights. I'm not a fitter, this was the opinion of a traffic officer who had used a tyre-sealing liquid over many miles and at very high speeds.
  12. Hi Opo, Apology accepted and appreciated. This tyre problem is of understandable concern to both you and your good lady. I was thinking about the issue and recall a product called Ultra Seal that could be squirted into tyres to prevent punctures. I have used a similar product to good effect although I bought it in the USA on a business trip some years ago. I know tyre fitters don't like the stuff but I gather many U.K. police vehicles now use this or a similar product to help avoid punctures. http://www.ultraseal-tyre-protection.co.uk...mouth/index.asp You'll need to look at the tab for light cars and vans. The compound stays liquid inside the tyre so it doesn't clump in one area and thus affect tyre balance. As a member of a motorcyle club I also remember some of the other riders saying they use Ultra Seal in tubeless bike tyres. In the event of a nail or screw being picked up, the offending item may be removed (depending on where the puncture point is) and the goo inside the tyre plugs the hole with barely any drop in pressure. The stuff I bought from the USA did just this, I can vouch for it. I don't know if this will help but it may be worth a try considering the cost of new tyres or wheels. As we don't know the exact cause, finding a solution is proving rather tricky. Good luck and please keep us posted, your findings may also be able to help others on this site.
  13. Nice choice of car, hope your Dad enjoys his new Avensis. My T180 Tourer is now approaching 15,000 miles (new in October 2006!! :o ). It was nicely loosened up by 10,000 and now it fairly flies . Shame about the insurance restriction :( Looks like your Dad is a canny fellow!
  14. Shoto, Do you seriously think I purposely drive around with 20lbs psi in my tyres? There is a fault and I am trying to find if anyone else has been through the same problem, please read the letter and think before finding niggly faults with it. Calm down Opo, I wasn't finding niggly faults with your e-mail. I could suggest that I find your response rather rude in accusing me of not thinking. I was actually making the point that I always check my tyres weekly, I do this to ensure that all is well (tread & pressure) as my safety relies on 4 fairly small points of contact with the road. If I found a tyre with just 20 psi or lower after a week I would certainly be looking for the cause - just like you. I never accused you of driving around with 20psi in your tyres. I'll leave you to sort out your problem, good luck.
  15. Mine's doing around 42-43mpg overall. My T180 is a Tourer so it is heavier than saloons or hatchbacks. I've driven almost 15,000 miles in it since early October and have had no problems.
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