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  1. leebo

    Head Unit

    If they are the same then il sell mine
  2. My comp wheels are for sale. Pm me
  3. leebo

    Head Unit

    My ones going, but not sure if they are the same I've a 2006 ts compressor
  4. Yeah iPhone corrected it lol cheers nrg :)
  5. It's just for the charger, Crystal clear and soluble.....why I don't know???.. It's food grade oil for conveyer systems in the food industry.
  6. Gasket has been reused. It stuck to the piping so didn't need to take it off.
  7. Changed the oil in the charger today, all be a very dark colour It hadn't used as much as I would have imagined. Year and a halfish or 16000 miles I got 98% remaining. Nice new kluber oil in and still huge amount left in the can. For future reference Eric's (bearings and lubes) deal with kluber. 1l tin cost £63 ex vat on a business account.
  8. Very unlikely to be a faulty ocv, it's only a solenoid. Big difference between noisy valve train noise and a worn rocker/cam tap. If in doubt take it into your local rotec shop or do a 12v battery test.
  9. not a great pic sanded it back removed the silver for a good key, primed it and matt blacked it
  10. not sure bout headlights, is that all your looking for?
  11. yeah, small square plug that fits into back of the standard radio. from what I gather its only to switch the speakers when you make a call.
  12. when I got my compressor there was a toyota/ motorola bluetooth kit in the car which when I changed the headunit over I just stuffed the bt kit back into the dash. I want to stick it on evilbay and was wondering if it fits all toyota standard stereos or just the ones from the rolla. any help would be great.
  13. good luck with the rolla, cracking choice
  14. yeah, mine used to be caked in soot around the splits its nothing unusual for blowing exhausts, The poor mpg is from richer fuel mix. the trouble with filling the splits is it rattles out. try get some flange sealant, its got really high melting point and is perfect for the splits, gungum is rubbish it gets too brittle and with the wet roads it works its self loose.
  15. tbh honest, the box is cheap, I chucked loads of cash and time repairing the splits and cracks, the worst bit was the rolled and crimped seam ontop of the box. if its blowing bad then the lambda will most likely be adjusting your fuel mixture compensating for the extra oxygen causing more soot then normal.
  16. tidy.... mite as well go for a gander! anyone else gona be there? woulda been a good time to sport the toc car sticker if they was still available.....hint hint!
  17. I only use v power for the compressor but then the fuel spec for it is 98 ron. I used it a few times in my old rolla gti and noticed no different increase in performance. 99 v power has better knock resistance then standard unleaded, and the compression ratio is different for the t sport and compressor hence the higher octane fuel that the compressor needs to run on. id say fll up with it, if anything itl give your valves injectors a good clean
  18. I recently had a really bad tapping noise I thought was coming from there, it turned out to be under the rocker cover itself ... is it a tap or a tic? checked your oil in the charger?
  19. when you say supercharger do you mean the part with compressor stamped on it? I've never used less then 99 ron. any other symptoms? early rev limiter? loss of power?
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