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  1. Hi, I want to replace the rear clusters on my Celica T Sport. with Lexus style clear type, not the 3D type. I have read that you have to watch out for bulb and wiring comatibility. Does anybody know which brand would be the best to go for. Also ensuring a perfect fit onto the body. Cheers for your help. Kev
  2. Just a query, Would 18" rims fit OK onto a Celica. If so what size tyres would be needed. Currently i have 205 50 16's It's a 2002 Celica T Sport. Cheers Kev
  3. Cheers Dan, Not that exciting then ! Kev
  4. Hi there, On the inside of the engine bay of my Celica T Sport. It is stamped with the model ZZT 231. Does anybody know what this stands for ? Maybe i'm a bit daft !!! Cheers Kev
  5. Hi, I've already drilled out the original front door speakers in my 2002 Celica. 6 1/2 comonents will fit but, does anybody know if i can get adaptor plates to fit speakers to door. Funnily enough i have noticed adaptors in Halfords to fit a Corsa, and they look the same shape, but they are only for 5 1/4 speakers. Other than that, i'll have to make my own out of 18mm MDF, which just takes a bit of time !! Anybody have any ideas. Cheers Kev
  6. Hi, I have a single din head unit in the the double din slot. I now need the fascia adaptor to tidy it up. I have seen a silver one at car audio direct for 24.99. The way the unit bolts in now, positions it at the top of the slot, yet the adaptor sits it in the middle. Does anybody know if the adaptor comes with new mounting brackets for the dash. Also has anyone done this ? Cheers for your help Kev
  7. That'll do for me matey.........cheers........ My intention is to run the power cable down the centre of the car, to the boot, so leaving the sides for the signal cables. Through the huge grommit it is then............ Cheers Kev
  8. Most....... if not all of these peeps are from the UK.
  9. I've got a Celica T Sport..................... Kev
  10. OK.................. Any advice on drilling the hole..................
  11. Cheers Sunrider, I'll try the site. 18's would be great. The only thing is the price hike from 17 to 18.......... huge !!! Cheers Kev
  12. Oops.......... Differences of opinion. Luckily i havn't done it yet. Might just hang on for any more votes on the best way to tackle it. Well you do have to look after your baby....................... Cheers Kev
  13. Hi, I have a Celica T Sport 2002 model. Current standard rims are 5 spoke 16" with 205 50 16 tyres I'm getting different info. on what size tyres to use when i get my new 17" rims. The way i see it, with a new tyre size of 215 40 17, would be the best suited size. This only gives a difference on the speedo of approx 1 mph at 70 mph, which i would say wouldn,t be an issue ! On a 17" rim someone has advised me to go for a tyre of 225 45 17. This would create more of a rolling variance. It is not as low profile, but may be a bit of a softer ride. HEEELLLLPPPP..........What size would be best ? Cheers Kev
  14. ariman................cheers...... Best site i've had up to now. Kev
  15. Come on guy's an gal's ................ Who's replaced their wheels ?
  16. Can this be replaced with something else, say, even a blanking plug or something. Anything apart from the lighter itself.............i dont use it..........so it's redundant ! Kev
  17. I bet he's sorry he asked this question now.....................
  18. Also get a few insurance quotes before you jump in ! Kev
  19. Thanks guy,s, I found the grommit ( as i already had ) Just a case of removing the existing tape from the cables, then threading my lead through and re-taping i guess............ <_< By the way it,s a 2002 Celica T Sport.............. Cheers Kev
  20. Hi, I want to change the standard 5 spoke 16" alloys on my 2002 Celica T Sport. 17" Chrome would look the the part me thinks. Trouble is................. so much choice. Some sort of multi-spoke would look the biz. Are there any web sites where you can fit wheels to cars so you can see what they look like ? I did find one web site but, they only had a gen 6 Celica. I would kinda like to see what it may look like before i dish the dosh. Anybody got any ideas ? Cheers Kev
  21. Hi, I want to get the Amp power lead from engine bay through to the cabin in my 2002 Celica. Anybody know how......................before i get the drill out............ Cheers Kev
  22. How much are the F1' s then ? For 205 45 17 Kev
  23. Hi there, I currently have standard fit, 16", 5 spoke alloys on my Celica T Sport, 2002 model. But i fancy some 17" wheels, with a tyre size of 205-45-17, as i think i can get away with this size without any mods to wheel arches, scrubbing, (the car hasn't been lowered) or, affecting the speedo. Trouble is, if i go down this route, then decide later to lower it, will these wheels still look good ? The other thing is which wheels ? I kinda think multi-spoke would look good, something like Team Dynamics Speed 10, BK 238, etc, etc. I need two replacement front tyres so, would like to decide before i waste money on 16" tyres. Also cannot find any web sites where you can model the wheels on the car, so you can see what they look like. Any of you peeps any views ? Cheers Kev
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