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  1. There is a bolt in the armrest and another behind the fuel flap release switch. Fitter. Thanks for the reply. Yeah forgot to mention the one behin the fuel flap release switch. How do you get to theone behind the arm rest then? As it doesnt look as if you can remove anything else. I have removed the one behind the electric window switches which is on the arm rest.... Does anyone have any images of the door car and the location of this screw? Thanks again
  2. Hi, I need to remove the drivers door card on the Avensis, but i'm struggling to remove it. I have undone all the screws (one behind the door handle cover, and electric swtiches) and all the clips going around the door card. There seems to be one left in the middle of the door car, as when you pull it everything is moving but you can see its stuck in the middle (behind where the big handle/arm rest bit is) All i want to know is, is this just a clip and it it just needs a bit of force for it to come off? or is there a screw? I dont think its the latter as there is nothing else to remove. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  3. I dont get it? Isnt just the same as what TOC has had from the beginning? apart from you've added wikipedia and some stickers that look exactly the same as YCUK's but without the UK?
  4. I like how it says this is the top of the range model! Clearly the T SPORT is, and clearly the guy who sold it to you, doesnt have a clue!
  5. I used to have 16's on my t sport 185/45/r16's with tein spring springs, and it scrubbed like f*ck whenever anybody was in the back, so be careful 15's FTW!! ;)
  6. I prefer the second set, cant beat a bit of dish! B)
  7. Hiya In harrogate i see, im right next to ya ;) Ok, well i had an apexi but changed it for envys last CIA (well obviously not if kevs found another one) top peice of kit much better than apexi imo, better performance, and position. I had s tech springs they were great, orignally had them on the t sport 15's but then upgraded to 16's (195/45/16's) they rubbed like <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?> when ever anybody was in the back, and tbh didnt look as good as the 15's with those springs, so went back to some nice rota 15's. But now i have coilovers so its even lower! ;) As for exhaust, its down to personal preference, like Jason says RS*R sounds ***** hot, thats what i have and it comes with a silencer if it to loud for ya, but i do believe Envy said there not doing them anymore so may be hard to get hold of. Imo go for 15's if your only getting springs as it will look lower than it will with 16's on and look much better, the yaris sits to high imo. Would only go for 16's if you were fitting coilovers so you could slam it. Anyway just a few thoughts, what you driving currently might of seen you about. Mines the thunder grey Yaris, sklammed on its ***** with thunde grey jspl's with chrome lip, Look out Yo! lol
  8. I had an apexi orignally, and got Envys last CIA Much better than the Apexi imo, can feel a better difference and better located to!
  9. Yep all glued on mate Just put a hair dryer on it for a afew seconds and prise it of with a credit card or something
  10. Hehe Fair enough, get some and deck it on 13's VDub stylie!!
  11. Drewa.d

    Dastek Uni Chip

    Not to sure if thats spelt right? Just wondering if anybody is selling one? Is it just a matter of re-fitting them and getting it re-mapped? Or do you have to buy new? Thanks Drew
  12. What Yaris have you seen with 13's on as standard like?
  13. Yeah i agree with jason, think i'll try something else next time but not to bad overall You might get lucky on JNE for exhaust parts or YCUK
  14. Hi Lee, your from sunderland i see, you on JNE? Yeah the tyres are ***** hot in the dry, but are a bit dodgy in the wet!! :)
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