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  1. Brand new unopened 5L tub of Toyota 0W-20 Engine oil part no 08880-83265 £35 ono Call Mark 07981778435
  2. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272359592324?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Call Mark 07981778435
  3. Hadn't realised I hadn't updated the profile. We've only had it 2 1/2 years😀 The part is identical to the Toyota one even down to the numbers stamped on the lens. Mark
  4. For a while now I've been trying to find a replacement for the drivers door mirror indicator unit for my Auris HSD. Mr T came in at around £76 Came across www.micksgarage.com and got the new part delivered for £42. just fitted And working perfectly. Cheers Mark
  5. Recently had the Auris in for service at John Roe Toyota Hull. 4th service car only done 14k. Was informed that it needed new front pads and disks. I asked for the old parts to be returned. As you can see from the photos the pads are virtually untouched. The only problem with the disks was a small rim of rust on the inside outer edge. I emailed the service manager with no response. I am very seriously considering a complaint to Mr T I have had a catalogue of problems with this dealer and have lost confidence.
  6. In mainly short runs our 2011 Auris hybrid does just short of 50mpg, that may not sound good but our old 1.0 Yaris under the same regime only did 43mpg. Mark
  7. The Auris Hybrid is an excellent car. We now have my dads which he bought new in 2011. There have been no problems with it and we regularly get 8-10 mpg more than our old 1.0 Yaris. The only downsides are the poor boot space and it is a touch noisy on hard acceleration. Mark
  8. mark999

    Gear Issue

    It could be something simple such as the clutch needing bleeding, but I suspect as previously mentioned an internal gearbox fault. Contact Toyota customer services and insist it is fixed, and that they provide you with a Loan car. Mark.
  9. As a first step I would head to your dealer and get a £39 hybrid health check and take it from there. Mark
  10. Hi, does anyone know what the design of the standard 15" alloy on the Auris HSD is called. I have a damaged wheel which needs replacing. Cheers, Mark
  11. I agree totally. The Mitsubishi PHEV also has a cabin pre-heat facility which is sadly missing from the PIP.
  12. Autoexpress tested LRR Tyres a couple of years ago and found the Goodyear To be the best. The Michelin energy saver+ As fitted to our gen3 Auris came last. A verdict I certainly agree with, they inspire no confidence in the wet. I'll definitely be replacing them with non LRR tyres in due course. Either vector 4 seasons or sport contact 5s both of which I've been delighted with on my other cars.
  13. The plug in at least should have the option of pre-heating the cooling system when plugged in.
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