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  1. Thanks Frosty, Picking it up tomorrow mon 19th, and signing up to the the picanto forum. You never know, I may be back in the future.
  2. Where I've been looking 2013 models are going for around£7500 -£8500 (1.25) Plus I liked the 4 yrs warranty left on it and zero tax
  3. After owning my 1.3 CDX for eight and a half years I'm letting go, It's now 11 + yrs old and feel the time is right to sell, It has 72300 miles on the clock. It's the most reliable car I have ever owned, still going well and px'd it and got a good price, feel a bit sad . so good bye all.
  4. I would get a Haynes, you'll get to do it properly
  5. Was browsing through a what car whilst waiting in the dentist and was very surprised that the latest Yaris had a very negative review, 2 * out of 5. I can't fault my mk 1, apart from no boot light, not rear intermitent wash wipe, no stalk control for radio and no courtesy light dimmer it's a CDX "why not have these things Toyota?" , other makes from that age had these things, some not top of the range, eg my rover 214si, peugeot 206lx anyway I've had it 7 yrs, so it can't bother me too much can it? Best car I've owned, closely followed by 214 and 213 Rover
  6. Well just looked in what car....'ride is hard and noisy over sharp surface changes', it seems to backup my thoughts. I just don't like the ride, but, that may just be me.,
  7. Do you find it a harder ride than the yaris..I found it uncomfortably hard.
  8. Just had a courtesy car from inchcape...an Aygo, not too impressed, don't think I'd buy one, my trusty 10 yr old Yaris is still good!
  9. We seem to think america is at forefront in everything, but they are so behind the times in some
  10. But it's been so good over the 7 yrs I've had it, I feel guilty just thinking about it, It's the most reliable car I have owned (tempting fate) Just passed another MOT I quite like the latest Suzuki Swift though,
  11. It did not say they were shot, it was an advisory. Motorists often take no notice of advisories and moan when something fails They should be replaced as they will become noisy and knock over rough ground, you will then have to replace the bolts and washers as they will then be furkled with the bolt often snapping in use, if that happens everything drops out and you will need to change the lot Kingo \
  12. with advisory note, 'anti roll bar bushes perished, Now, I've had my Yaris second hand since 2006 on 30,000 and now has done 65,000 and had an advisory note 3 or 4 times about the arb bushes, Just saying if yours has this notice it doesn't mean they're shot, the outer rubber may be perished but the inside may well be ok I'm waiting untill I hear knocking
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