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    2006 toyota yaris 1.3, and just changed to 1nzfe ;)

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  1. i really like when people talks about mpg..esp when its related to yaris.. i believe what you said is true, it depends on how we drive our car, how we press the pedal etc.. for my yaris, full tank, driving @80km/h everyday to work, distance travelled 650KM. i only fill my gas tank once in two weeks ;P
  2. lots of ups and downs man... tried the bolt on kits and it wasnt enough so i swapped 4efte in my yaris with minor mounting issue, turns out that the block had a crack...tried using BT 4age but due to safety reason, had to abandon the project...right now i have to use stock 1nzfe, td04, running low boost only and intend to use c160..the car has go in and out of w/shop for nearly 1 year now...

  3. orite m8 did u end up getting the turbo kit n if so has it worked?

  4. i think there shouldnt be any problem with previous owner's treatment over the car since the roadster is still stock and the owner is a lady (not saying that all lady drivers are slow btw ;P)... i guess i just have to make sure whether it was regularly service or not..thanks for the reply giddlepin
  5. ok, i have made up my mind to throw my 06 yaris, spend few hundreds n buy the 06 MR spyder (6 speed smt) early next month..as i said in my previous thread, i just love the car :) just a quick question before i actually buy the car, any pre-cat or smt problem with the 06 model?
  6. ok, i drove a friend's 2006 MRS 6 speed smt..i really love the car and the engine which can rev to 6.5-7K rpm easily...but i cant afford the car, only the engine.. im thinking of swapping my 1nzfe to 1zzfe and use c160 transmission...to all the sensei/sifu/swappers/masters, what are the difficulties i might face? how about engine mounting?
  7. I am a yaris owner and yesterday my friend asked me to drive his 2006 toyota mrs 6speed smt, with simple i/h/e mod... damn, mrs is really fast especially around corners and it was easy to slide and downshift with that smt, revv up to 7k rpm, i can feel the power from low rpm onwards ..its like the machine can drift/ slide at every corner!!!!i love the car, i love the engine sadly i cant afford it..back to my yaris... still thinking of the 1zzfe with c160 transmission...
  8. life and money saver!!! thank you very much!! i would really appreciate it man!!!! :D :D :D
  9. Check this out http://www.clubxb.com/forums/f28/2zz-ge-head-swap-14428.html BTW I own a 1NZFE with a mated C160 (4age trans). I bought the hole engine and trans from canada. Driveshafts match perfectly. did u use the same 1nzfe bellhousing and transfer all the gearkit (from c160) to our original transmission or did u just simply take the 6 speed transmission from c160 and match it with the 1nzfe? to make the driveshaft perfectly fit..... how about the position of the stick? do we need to move it abit backward and cut all the plastic near the shift? lol can i still use my trd short shift (5-speed 1nzfe short shift) for the 6-speed application? sorry for all the questions man, its just i need to calculate everything before i change anything... parts from japan are getting pricey nowadays btw thanks for all the info man :)
  10. If I understood right you swapped the hole engines right? If that's the case, I am not referring into this. I am referring to the rods and pistons of the 1NZFE into the block of the 2NZFE inorder to keep the same engine number for authorities sake. As I said the 2NZFE block must be height modified to match higher rods and also some modfication due to wider rods. BTW I forgot to mention that I am using Forged Arias pistons and Forged Carillo rods. Aswell having a Stage 3 clutch + full standalone managment system All I need to know whether anybody ever done it or else what other complications might be needed (apart from the ones mentioned) hmm its nice to know that...btw the reason why i swapped my engine to 1nzfe was to save the hassle of spending much on the rods and pistons + 160whp goal is easily achieved @ .7 bar... with ur current mod, i think u can go as high as 24psi (or more?) 250whp (or more?) without having to use the 1nzfe rods...well, thats just my opinion.. good luck with ur mod man ;)
  11. i bought 1nzfe engine (only engine with injectors etc), swap it with my 2nzfe, with 2nzfe stock wiring + ecu + no modification...used to use emanage blue, now changed it to emanage ultimate for more tuning...thats all... stock 1nzfe can hold .7 boost, roughly 170hp/ 150whp... above that, u need to change piston n conrod, clutch + flywheel to stand the boost...
  12. to minidoughty: yea you are right..i intend to use the c160 transmission from corolla 4age BT.... i checked with the local tuner and he told me that my 1.3 gearbox is in the same transmission series c54 (if im not mistaken), but then he mentioned something about changing my driveshaft which as far as im concernd, has nothing to do with the transmission... the tuner told me that he needs sometime to ask his friend at toyota... worst case scenario, i might change my engine to 1zzfe + c160 transmission since my aim is to get 160whp-170whp NA...im still not sure..any feedback will be much appreciated
  13. im confused....i own a yaris with 1nzfe, and intend to change the gearbox to c160 (levin 6 speed), how is this modification related to modifying my driveshaft?
  14. shudn be any problem...as long as its still using the sz series.. why dont u swap with 1nzfe? its much more powerful than the standard szfe
  15. jz my 5 cents... ur car ever knock on something? accident maybe? or did u ever let ur fuel tank very low? try checking ur distributor and fuel pump... as for the braking problem, try checking the brake line, maybe theres a leak...u can see this jz by looking at ur rims- if u can see oil leak on it...
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