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  1. Hi folks, lim looking to down size from my current Shogun, but still require four wheel drive as I'm in rural Aberdeenshire. The Urban cruiser could well fit the bill, any issues or problems I should know about? cheers, Ian......
  2. Can any one tell me what the BHP is, for a Prado (Import) 3.0TD 96 - 99 I have been looking at the Hilux Surf (import) 3rd gen 3.0TD Intercooler, from what I gather this has 145 BHP. Is this the same engine as the Prado?? Cheers Ian.......
  3. Thanks for the info. I think I'll get back to my main choice, a 3rd Gen Hilux Surf 3.0TD Intercooler. Ceers Ian......
  4. Hi Just been trawling the net and found a 97 Prado TZ 3400 V6 (import) with only 9000 miles on the clock. Any one here owned one?? Are the any good? what sort of MPG can I expect? Your coments please Ian........
  5. Our xt4 (4.3) has been faultless untill now..... went out today to find passenger footwell flooded!! and yes all doors, windows and sunroof were closed. Any ideas
  6. I thought all Rav 4's were permenant 4 wheel drive......and my local dealer thinks so as well !! I asume the above info is all in the hand book then? Ian.........
  7. I got a top half guard from my dealer for our 56 XT4....... £160 is shocking for what it is. But it keeps the dogs off the leather!!
  8. Some one once said to me if your getting a 4x4 get a Rav 4 they handle well !!....... now I have one. Compared to some of our previous 4x4's our new XT4 understeers quite a bit on greasy roads. I feels more like a frontwheel drive, or am I just pushing it to far?....... and we don't want lift off oversteer as were on the Queens highway!! When the snow comes I'll get a better Idea of how it will behave. I would like to hear your views on this please?
  9. Got it sussed, bracket slips into rear seat runner.
  10. Just got my upper half dog guard for my new XT4. Fitting I thought would be simple !!...........Sliding guard into alotted slot in the roof no problem, now we have two double jointed brackets that fits to the lower legs, but where the fit to the interior I have no idea. With no instructions and no info in the hand book, I'm now scratching my head. If any one on the forum has already fitted one, your help would be much appreciated. Failing this I have a 60 mile round trip to the dealer.
  11. Is there any one on here with a dog guard fitted ?........ I belive there are two diferent sizes a full lenth or just the top half . Are they a permenant fixture or do they slide with the rear seat? Have been on to my local dealer Arnold Clark, but no help from them with out a VIN No. New XT4 D4-D will be here next week Cheers Ian.........
  12. Thanks for the info and quick responce. Cheers Ian........
  13. Hi all Just new to the world of Rav 4's and awaiting our new XT4. Excuse my Ignorance.......... What is a 4.3.? Cheers Ian..........
  14. Do you know if the dog guards move with the sliding rear seat or not? New Xt4 on order. Cheers Ian..........
  15. Arm and Leg spring to mind!! Ian.....
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