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  1. :D hi why dont u try ctc(carbon tetra choloride )
  2. hi can any one supply the head lamp mountings/bracket for np80 starlet or rhe plastic grommet/bushing holding the h/l unit to mounting a new pair of oem koito h/l also will do
  3. :arrgg-matey: hi this is rajesh from india i have got harrassed due to continuesly changing head lamp seting on my starlet np 80 can any one supply the oem head lamp mounting brackets or the plastic bushings holding the head lamp units if the oem koito head lamps are for sell pls reply vartakrajesh1@rediffmail.com
  4. :hokus-pokus: :cacker: :bookworm: hi all this is rajesh here from india i am an automobile engineer & am working in the electrical R &D in a jv of honda. in my first visit & registration to club i have found many queries reg pal to ntsc system& additional/aux a/v input to the system the image is attached also many of we are searching for a fm reception in non japanese fm band due to constraint of 76 Hz to 90 Hz its not possible to tune local stations on oem japanese units rest assured i have done that in india tv & sat nav is not working still dvd/cd/vcd can be played fm is working i shall be posting the images in 2-3 days along with detailed wiring have patience till then i am looking for a workshop manual/oweners hand book for starlet 80 series with 1N diesel auto prado kzj95 with 1kzte 3l auto pls mail me vartakrajesh1@rediffmail.com
  5. :hokus-pokus: hi u this is rajesh from india pls contact online to "Tim Bartle" <Tim@dominoelectronics.com> give him my ref. give the detailed list of the frequensies (fm stations) & u will get the band expander replacing to a local/non oem unit not required tried & tested solution keep in touch vartakrajesh1@rediffmail.com
  6. :hokus-pokus: hi you there this is raj from india this is the same system used in my car the model is i guess toyota 54060 voice nav ready pls conform the no the unit is by panasonic it can accsept the local fm/am band well pls forward the station frequensy (fm) so that i can help u in choosing the band expander the syst takes 1 viedeo in & r+l stereo in from a fm mod.changer via a 7 pin socket on the rear i shall be forwarding u a photograph /image soon use fm 515 from kenwood also if u can attach a video card (ntsc one) to the changer same one can be used as video changer pls keep in touch forward me the information reg the workshop manual for kzj95 2000 model & starlet 80 series (1n diesel)
  7. :bookworm: hi am after 2000 l/cru prado/colorado (kzj95 1kzte 3l td auto)& starlet (80 series 1n 1500 diesel auto)workshop manual reply soon alongwith the costs +shipment to india
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