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  1. the sound it makes in Lift and that it looks like any other e12 as standard.
  2. I have the same problem 2. When it hits low rpms. It's like the air starts to blow harder in the cabin, and when i push the clutch it makes a jerking sound. Like there is a lot of friction. But im nearing my 30000 km meintance. I get a lot of rattling at the windscreen and at the right A pillar, and at the back of the car. :(
  3. it's always fun to blast around in a tunnel :D amazing sound in lift.
  4. here is a few bodykit makers for the e12 http://www.carcept.com http://www.carzonespecials.com http://www.boostertuning.com http://www.savage.de http://www.tte.de
  5. i have the same thing .. that it jumps a litle bit .. or is stiff ..
  6. i have had the same problem .. but my toyota delear was nice enough to replace it for free ..
  7. over 500 km .. on long distance .. and normal granny driving .. and 300-400 km on short distance/keeping the foot down :D
  8. my toyota dealer said to come for a oil change at 1500-3000 km .. just to change the factory oil ..
  9. when everything else fails! read the manual .. use som good old fashion violence .. :D
  10. i don't own a yaris .. but good luck anyway :D
  11. umm .. tuning/styling company .. i'm searching for side skirts for my CTS .. so i just wondered what company ..
  12. what side skirts do you have ? or what garage .. ?
  13. I only get to 7000 rpm when my motor is cold .. :!Removed!: but i have the lift when the petrol light shines like a christmas light ..
  14. 'lo I got my CTS on Friday .. Imo it's the best buy i ever made .. I just love when it hits 6200 rpm. My friend almost **** his pants :D when the revs hit 6200 -> .. :D
  15. It's was when i was searching for Toyota sites .. With Google .. :D
  16. im for all show, all go! :D and im getting my CTS on Friday .. im so happy that i can't sit still ..
  17. i'm still waiting for my cts .. been waiting for it 3 months now .. and still waiting ...
  18. I can't attend .. because i don't have a t-sport .. yet .. just 1 more month! :ffs:
  19. bhp gain is claimed to be from 5-15 .. :P just read the installation guide http://www.knfilters.com/typhoon/tappguide.toyota.html Corolla 2003 and press "install pdf" there they tell and show where all the sensors go ..
  20. 22" are just so !Removed! expencive .. but 22" ..
  21. Nice .. Hmm .. i wonder if u could fit 20" on the corolla 19" are no problem ..
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