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  1. yeah, ring them. if one of the cars is a supra you'll need to let them know it's low anway...and try and book sailing as at low tide :D
  2. Ahhh, different branch. Dunno why I presumed it would be the same one
  3. haha, who was that? I got a great deal on speakers for my Rover from them.
  4. Do you do installs as well as supplying hardware?
  5. I've got a zip drive that I used for backups before I got cd-rw's. make sure oyu get the right format discs for it though!
  6. Looking back on this, im not sure exactly what its trying to say to me?? ← I think I do :P
  7. A certain someone (not shaf!) tried a similar thing on me. It was the old "I bet you £5 I can undo your bra without touching you" obviously I didn't fall for it, declined the bet so he grabbed my !Removed! anyway and then said "and just to think you could have made a fiver out of that" nice. he was very very drunk though.
  8. hee hee was u at j.a.e.? ← yes i was. i was the one looking very tired and cold wearing the clothing with "Supragal" on them :) Seriously, I was meant to be judging something for you lot but it was a bit of a muddle and by the time i found someone in the morning it was already done
  9. Maybe once I've got the car back.. and once I've worked out what the ***** stands for?? :D
  10. Well I'm blonde and I do sometimes wear glasses but I'm 5'11" so probably not me...
  11. The kind that don't find Jack Dee amusing? ← Trophs of chicken eh :P Watched it with Bibbs yesterday...too funny! ← Awesome :D
  12. I don't think so then. What did the person that you think was me look like? :)
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