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  1. yeah, ring them. if one of the cars is a supra you'll need to let them know it's low anway...and try and book sailing as at low tide :D
  2. Ahhh, different branch. Dunno why I presumed it would be the same one
  3. haha, who was that? I got a great deal on speakers for my Rover from them.
  4. Do you do installs as well as supplying hardware?
  5. I've got a zip drive that I used for backups before I got cd-rw's. make sure oyu get the right format discs for it though!
  6. Looking back on this, im not sure exactly what its trying to say to me?? ← I think I do :P
  7. A certain someone (not shaf!) tried a similar thing on me. It was the old "I bet you £5 I can undo your bra without touching you" obviously I didn't fall for it, declined the bet so he grabbed my !Removed! anyway and then said "and just to think you could have made a fiver out of that" nice. he was very very drunk though.
  8. hee hee was u at j.a.e.? ← yes i was. i was the one looking very tired and cold wearing the clothing with "Supragal" on them :) Seriously, I was meant to be judging something for you lot but it was a bit of a muddle and by the time i found someone in the morning it was already done
  9. Maybe once I've got the car back.. and once I've worked out what the ***** stands for?? :D
  10. Well I'm blonde and I do sometimes wear glasses but I'm 5'11" so probably not me...
  11. The kind that don't find Jack Dee amusing? ← Trophs of chicken eh :P Watched it with Bibbs yesterday...too funny! ← Awesome :D
  12. I don't think so then. What did the person that you think was me look like? :)
  13. The kind that don't find Jack Dee amusing?
  14. Hmm, I know Shaf, but I haven't been to a Reading meet...
  15. Have to be honest it drains me when I hear how some of my mates act.
  16. I believe that the dessert/pudding/sweet thing? and toilet/loo? Is 'posh', you wont gain 'chaveness' if you relate to them as toilet/desert/settee ← ahhh I was a bit worried there :D What about KFC though ;)
  17. Have you seen how she acts around other guys? If you're really worried about being turned down then best to make sure she's not just a friendly flirty person first! Otherwise, she is flirting and probably wondering why you've not asked her out yet. Have you talked about "relationships" or anything to test the water? Also, girls don't have to be insane to be interesting!!! (I hope :P )
  18. 27% interesting. Whats wrong with calling the dessert/pudding/sweet thing? and toilet/loo? and own brand baked beans... and family buckets of KFC :D
  19. Ah ha! someone else I remember!! :) I can't either!!! lol
  20. How can Metallica not be on the list? :D
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