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  1. also ive got a few bits n bobs that im sellin off mine if you are interested? e.g Spax 40mm lowering springs only used on my car for about 5 months in excelent condition still wiv box n recipt. also a few other thins tho ill have to raid the garage n see whets about.
  2. heyya is any1 planning to go the Extreme wheels show up @ Alexandra palace at the end of this month?!? if so pop ova n say hi, as this show is a new 1 to me so should be fairly good.
  3. Hey SJ i live inbetween Bristol N Weston tho i think there is a slightly kitted red seo up in Bristol tho not sure who he is? regards Oli
  4. heyya guys & gals i live kinda near bristol so not tooooo far outta the way. my seo is in autotrader this week wiva massive advert in the fast n modified section. also is any1 goin to extreme wheelz in alexandra palace at the of the month? regards Oli
  5. hey chrisb yeah i live inbetween weston n bristol, but if i go out crusin its normally into weston. as that where most onf my mates wiv modified cars are. N yeah i also used to go to Bridgy on Block release as part my Training courses wiv Mercedes-Benz but rarely took my Seo down there as Bridgy isnt the safest of places...lol :arrgg-matey:
  6. yeah that is well nice but i still think mine is the most modified Gen2 Paseo in the world tho, as that black 1 is Gen1 only compitition that i kno of is that 1 in Malta, wiv the turbo conversion n large ice. but if you count there mods up mine beats it hands down. but i suppose then it all goes down the which you preffer the look of. :P well about selliin it ive got to work it out precistly but ive got around £22.000 of recipts inc stereo ect... i kno im goin to loose alot but im thinkin of puttin it in for around £13.000 but ill prob take offers all depending on what stereo is left in the car as i can use that in my next car. also its ready for its Main Feature so if some1 comes up wiv the money they can claim the feature if not ill feature it n then put it up 4 sale at the same time.
  7. Wild you should hav come ova n sed hi.... :P pretty crazy cruise considerin i knew nothin about it till late on sat eve n jus sooo happened me n matt were in chelt... :D hey yeah that was my missus in the car she love playin wiv the hydraulics....lol shes terrible when shes drivin it tho...prob worse than me...lol yeah since i had the nos bottle moved into the rear seats i havent conected it up as the pipes are still routed into the boot. the gauges are Battery voltage for my 3 batterys n also oil pressure + water temp. if you kno of any ova big cruises comin up let me kno... :D as i my seo is seriously up for sale now. maybe puttin it on E bay sooon. oli
  8. whoat does it look like mate?!? any body kit?!? n where is the pic taken?! cheers oli
  9. Lookin Good Matt..... dont usually like big graphics but they really suit your car. hope thins are all well. still got mine tho cant wait to get rid of it, as the new project is calling...lol ben has sold his FTO n Craig has sold his MR2 spk toya soon oli
  10. hey bud yeah i agree fitting univesal parts isnt always the easyist this to do, because to make them fit flush n look correct sometimes takes a lil xtra time. but as said if i was you i wouldnt cut corners jus because you can get a cheaper price. Try giving AutoVision Styling a call for a quote on 01934 853843 i kno these people are not the closest to you, but they do absoulute fantastic quality work And have won loads of awards for paint and body work quality. You either want to speak to Craig or Dan who are the owners menion that you kno me n they will prob cut you a good deal. hope thats some help mate oli
  11. AutoVision are absolutely spot on jus by seeing there work you can see that... give them a call on 01934 853843
  12. Not sure yet mate, as i only live around 30mins away its not to bad to get there. but i think were all meetin @ Autovisions HQ then all headin up togeva
  13. Hey Hey Hey ZOO mag have Rated my Seo TOP 20 maddest Modified car in the world.................... :D i kno my car ist every1s cup of tea but still pretty cool to see the paseo making a apperance... see ya at japfest who evers going..... :P
  14. To be totally honest i cant see why if you were keeping your car, why you would go and buy an standard exhaust. as an custom stainless is a soooo much better option. yeah i agree it woud be slightly more expensive but if you were keeping the car for a while it would pay for its self as they have a lifetime warrenty. you can choose how they sound so you can go sport, mid sport, of even as quiet as your standard one, also you ca choose how they look :hokus-pokus: They can give added bhp which is an aded bonus for us who enjoy driving... but i suspose thats my opinion v :D if any1s looking for a top quailty Custom Exhaust check out Infinity Exhausts, They are really helpfull and can build virtually anything you want. they also do manifolds and intercooler pipework. they can be contacted on 01934 412288 or wed site: www.infinity-exhausts.co.uk
  15. hey black paseo if you need an performance exhaust try giving infinity exhausts a call, they have done 3//4 paseos now and there work is exceptional. http://www.infinity-exhausts.co.uk/index.htm if ya need ne ova help give me a shout oli
  16. as i sed on the fone mate im gutted to hear bout ur car, :( but hopefully if everythin works out you mite be able to sort thins like i sed.... giv me a call if ya need ne help! hopefully we will be rolling togeva sooner than planned! hee hee :P
  17. yeah Scott used to own the fto but my mate ben boughgt it off him but 8 months ago! the cars still kept in tip top condition tho.. :) hey tewkes , i live jus ova the bridge in bristol but wiv out the accent tho...lol we went to 1 ova in newport a few months ago which was ok but neva get to hear of them! sooo where n when is the place to go?!!? ....lol cheers oli
  18. yeah its the same 1.... :P well i only live like 40mins from cardiff..so we heard about the cruise n popped ova! hey wats the cruise secene like over there at the mo as me n a few mates were goin to pop ova the ova week but didnt kno where every 1 hangs out?!?! which nites are busy?!? cheers oli
  19. lol yeah that was me.... :P had to do sum thin wiv my mate who owns the orange Fto " in the pics aswell" it was well funny it was sum documentry on youth culture n how old people think of us...lol
  20. Hey. thanX Matt 4 posting those mate...... that 1 taken from the front wiv the doors open looks wicked! :P the first 2 were taken while we were all in the long que waiting to go into the show i had jus been washin the car while in the que......ahhh hydraulics make thins soo much easier... dont have to bend down soooo far...lol :D also all my mates cars were behind as we drove up in a 12 strong convoy with some of the best cas from the southwest... :D very sorry to hear your mates camera got stolen as i was sooooooooooooo looking forward to seein your pics... :( yeah will be wicked to our cars togeva as its sooo hard to convince tha mags that the is more than 1 modified paseo in the uk... :ffs: lol hope you are feeling better spk to ya soooooooooooon oli
  21. hey matt , yeah will def be cool to meet up ill be around all weekend, if im not wiv my car pop ova to the POTN stand & ask 4 me as i will prob be ova there wiv my mates orange fto. make sure we get to me up n ill show the hydydros workin ect...... your cars lookin sweet mate cant wait to see it all painted and at the shows..... :P have to park them up togeva......... seee ya on sun mate oli
  22. cool cool, where will it be?!!? def cool to see anova unusual car up there.... and not the usual saxos...lol
  23. Max Power London is this weekend 27/28th november, jus wondered if ne1 was goin?!? im up there on a stand if ya see me come n say hi, jus had me new boot install done also few ova funky thins done on the interior... :P spk to ya sooon oli
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