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  1. we used to leave at 8am (ish) from Eurocentral, this meant you got to crail about 10am (ish) I think it costs about £10 maybe to get in. thats price per person, not per car. yes it opens at 9am, but only go that early if you plan on going on the strip / show n shine / oval. it gets busy, and spaces are limited for these. not limit to spectators though.
  2. undecided if i will make it up yet. been very poorly past 5 days, so i wouldnt like to make promises i cant keep lol
  3. there is that many convoy's that it doesn't tend to matter... vosa van and mr police man can be seen to be parked up on the road leading up to the raceway. as long as you don't draw attention to yourself, cars legal, and don't drive like a maniac you will be fine guys.
  4. argh argh argh. i thought i had clicked the wrong site! omg! proper confusing! lol
  5. thanks matt! due to own life being so hectic, ive not been able to put any time into TOC. soft top on car roof got knifed last year, and then I had a car crash! :(
  6. Falkirk - as usual 1st thursday of month - so 4th March. Tends to begin up at falkirk wheel. If there aint anyone there, head down to retail park. There is a police presence at these! East Kilbride - Wednesday 10th March... First one of this year, should be choca as per. From 7.30pm at Olympia Car Park. As usual, no handbrake turns, donuts, bouncing cars off the limiter or burnouts. Please use bins and toilets provided and adhere to any instruction given by centre security. And since my car is now fixed, I may just attend one or both of these! :)
  7. Can't make it up. Hope it's a good day!
  8. GT4 JDM I'm terribly sorry first. I'm going to knock your idea on head. We have enough problems with general meets etc, and I refuse to organise an event just now that involves money. I for one do not wish to be left out of pocket to cover costs of members who say they will turn up and then don't on the day. I know I have not organised a meet in a while, but personal elements of my life have restricted me from doing so. Preferbly if you wish to help organise a meet I suggest that you choose a reasonable place to meet. Ie somewhere with clean toilets as we do have female members - aka ME! It also helps if there is somewhere close by for beverages and food. The meet I organised was just beside Mcd's. But thank you for your input :) it's very much appreciated! If we get this part of TOC busy, I would be more than happy to help organise a meet like what you have described knowing that people will turn up etc.
  9. only just got my insurance up to 5 years no claims. i dont want to lose it and my excess is quite high still. put the hard top on for time being, but kinda wastes the theory of buying a convertible. so i'm trying to get a few quotes before i decide if i really have to go through the insurance.
  10. Hey guys. My soft top got knifed recently. Require new one ASAP! Any help greatly appreciated!!!! Andie x
  11. YOU MURDERER!!!! :P i done similar with a cat just after i bought my mr2
  12. Cars will also be being selected on the night for potential slots in this years SMC Ingilston Top 50 folks, so if you'd like your car noticed be there. DON'T BOTHER GOING TO THE WHEEL... It'll be empty. Directions to the Retail are as follows: If you have Sat Nav, stick FK1 1LW in and it'll take you right there. Or... M876/M9 Way: Straight through Auchenkilns, under Castlecary Arches. Take the left fork on the Motorway for Falkirk/Grangemouth/Edinburgh. (M9) Follow the Motorway to Junction 6 (Grangemouth) Take Junction 6 Cut off. Turn right at the bottom of the slip road. Follow this road (Past Phoenix Honda on rhs) to roundabout. Take the 3rd exit off the roundabout (under the bridge) Go past Arnold Clark and Evans Halshaw, up over the bridge. 300 yards later, at the roundabout, straight on (2nd exit) 300 yards later, straight on at the 1st set of lights Turn right at the second set of lights (Taste chinese on the corner) 150 yards later, 1st left at the mini roundabout. Straight on and your there (Mcd's on your right). M8 Way M8 till junction 4. Come off at junction 4, take 1st exit. Straight through mini roundabout. Next roundabout, 2nd exit. Next roundabout, 2nd exit again. Down dual carridge way Roundabout, take 2nd exit. 500 yards, take slip to left (Avon Gorge) Left over the bridge at the bottom. Follow road to roundabout (Jet petrol station) Take the third exit off the Roundabout Follow it down to the next roundabout Take 2nd exit (onto M9) Immediately come off the motorway at next exit (just over 1 mile) Take the first exit at the roundabout at the bottom (Straight on) At the next roundabout, 2nd exit, turning right. Straight on, 2nd exit at next roundabout (Falkirk FC on your rhs) Next roundabout, 1st exit left. 300 yards later, straight on at the 1st set of lights Turn right at the second set of lights (Taste chinese on the corner) 150 yards later, 1st left at the mini roundabout. Straight on and your there (Mcd's on your right).
  13. Yes there is a lot of interest for Crail. No offence, but I don't think your idea would work. Crail has events held during the day on various Sunday's throughout the year. The basis for them being the 1/4 mile and the oval. Having attended a fair few of these events, I doubt very much that anyone will be willing to kick about til the events finish. Usually between 3 and 5pm. It's a very long day for those of us who travel from Glasgow area. We usually leave at 8am from down this way, making it up to Crail for about 10am. You have to take into consideration that people generally have jobs to go to on the Monday morning. I usually come back down the road for about 6pm and I know I'm like a burst ball. To ask people to stay after, assuming a rough guess that people stayed til say 8pm meaning some wouldn't get home til 10pm. It's a lot to ask, and one hell of a long day! Adding onto that, if your up as a spectator it's a lot of standing about. Crail weather is not always the best (been before when it's been HEAVY rain) kills the atmosphere and people's moods. That's just my view on it. If the actual toc scottish members could tell me if they are for or against this idea it might help a decision.
  14. Hi Andie - sounds like things are a bit better!! not particulary just refuse to miss BANZAI! haha prob still be freezin up at crail too :(
  15. gutted for you :( looks a sore one. hope you get your car sorted soon.
  16. pending funds i should be there i hopes B)
  17. sorry for the short notice but i totally forgot this was on tonight! so for anyone who is interested.... starts at falkirk wheel, then folks usually head over to the retail park (the one where tesco/cinema/mcds is) B) enjoy if you go! possibly might make an appearance since its a nice night!!!
  18. i was there last year bein a trator with my dads honda s2000! see if he lets me borrow it again haha!
  19. hi guys. sorry ive been awful quiet, march is turning out to be a busy month! doubt i can make it, got plans for boozin the night before and then i need it will prob be a visit home to see mother dearest! enjoy!
  20. Okay, get it sorted guys. :P I want input of dates/times/plans etc, and not just from davy/bothy/ryan! (no offence guys obv) I know there is a whole stack of scottish members on here hiding!
  21. i have bt line only, took me over a month to get it sorted tho. now their taking the pee with the payments. due another phone call to them to moan. i wanted bt line so i could get sky package, tv/net/phone. i love sky! plus their customer service is awesome. bt however, are pants!
  22. thank gawd i wasnt drinkin juice there! would have been all over the laptop not been any decent drives to see all these cameras though...
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